Saturday, August 1, 2009

Intermission: HELP!!!!

Ok, here's the deal: I'm going over to my grandparents' house in two hours, and i swear all those people do is eat, and when they're done with that, they eat more, and they notice when people don't eat. There's going to be all this crap food: potato salad, pies, cookies, burgers, stuff that i do NOT want to put into my body. Any ideas or tips on avoiding food without making anyone suspicious? ANYthing would be so appreciated. Thanks so much.

And thank you for all of your lovely support after my horrid binge last night. You all kept me from cutting, and even made me smile. I love you all; you make my days happy!


  1. cut it all up on the plate, move it around, ask for sauces so it looks like you're eating lots, put some in a tissue, fake a tummy ache (ask for painkillers and pretend to take them so it looks real)

    ... the classics :) you'll be fine

  2. Napkins.
    Keep a bag next to you.
    Wrap up food, put in bag, take to bathroom, FLUSH

  3. Get lots of food on your plate take just one bite of everything and talk about how great it is. Ask what's in stuff. Look like you're really interested in the food. Then when they aren't looking throw it away. ; ) Good luck my little fairy friend! And I love how I'm your vampire friend now! Hahaha!
    And this is random, but I really love how you played with the koi fish on Greene's page for 20 min! I never noticed them before! I was like, "Woah! You an play with them?!" Hahaha!
    Stay strong <3

  4. oh that does suck.
    if you're outside, take bites, flick bites into the lawn, go in for a drink, throw some away, spill your drink and go get another and throw more away.. idk idk panic. that would freak me out. napkins. food in napkins, put it in your pockets.. throw it away. feed the animals if they have dogs. anything.