Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ramblings--oh i missed you all soooo much!

Wow... I haven't been able to get internet access for forever. I missed you all so much. So much is going on i don't even know where to begin telling you. Well, i guess i could start off with my little angel, who is pretty much my entire life now.
Fate is growing like crazy! She's now almost 4 months old! Holding her head up perfectly fine, sitting up with assistance, standing up with assistance, smiling, giggling, and making my life awesome, even when she's fussy. :) This little girl has made me sane, which i thought was an impossible feat.
Jesse and i are going through a bit of a financial dry spell. Some jerk he was working with told him "i hope your fucking wife dies in a car accident." We all know how protective Jesse is of me, so he flipped out. He didn't do anything to the guy on company property--technically he didn't even do anything to him anywhere. He told the dude to get out of his car so he could pound his face in right outside the company gates, but he didn't have the nerve, so all that happened was that Jesse yelled at him and kicked his car door--not hard enough to dent it or anything. But dude knew the boss outside of work, so the boss felt like being a complete douche and firing Jesse over it all.... Yeah, fabulous, right? He had another job for a month after that that didn't pay very well, but helped us scrape by, but the bosses just didn't like him there and came up with some random bullshit reason to fire him. So, once again, he's jobless. He's looking everywhere, but not really finding anything. We're hanging on by the grace of God... but yeah...
But i'm not in a bad mood about it. I actually believe him when he says we're going to make it through this.
Oh dear, i'm rambling... but i have so much to tell you all!!!
I think i've partially kicked Ana out of my life too! I'm currently breastfeeding her, so i'm eating whatever and still losing weight, which is pretty awesome. The crazy thing is, i can honestly say that i don't want to look like a skeleton anymore. I mean, no way am i going to just let myself go: i still want to look good and be thin, but not sickly thin. I never thought i'd be able to say that!
I'll stop the rambling now, but here's the link to my facebook. I can get on that on my phone, but the phone won't let me get on the blog because it's a cheapy. Hit me up on there--there's lots of pictures of Fate on facebook too! I miss you, and love you all bunches. I want to be able to keep in touch so bad. Just send me a friend request with a note saying you follow my blog, and i'll add you. I just ask that the facebook account be kept Ana-free. You can message me with Ana conversations, but please don't post such things on the wall. Love you bunches!