Thursday, August 11, 2011


So... I've got some bad news and some bad news. Where should i begin? With the bad news, i suppose...
I'll start with the simple bad news: i'm still not moved into the damn appartment. Jesse says we'll be moved in this week, but hello, it's thursday already! I did completely clean the kitchen cabinets and cupboards a few days ago, and i started putting away some dishes and other kitchen-ware, and the carpet is almost completely laid, and the electric is even turned on, but the mold is not taken care of yet--slow landlord anyway! Supposedly, he took care of it on tuesday, but i haven't been down there to see if that's true or i'm just going to assume it's not since last time he told us a specific day he'd look at it, i swear all he did was just that: use his eyes and take a glance at it. Also, the landlady said she's going to scrub the walls in that room and paint it for us as soon as her hubby finishes up getting rid of the mold. Being pregnant, i can't be around paint fumes, so if she truly is painting today, as i was told she was planning to do (notice how little i believe it's actually happening...), that puts our move-in on hold for at least a couple days. Blah. This is the stupidest move-in i have ever heard of!
Now the not so simple bad news: i went for an ultrasound a couple weeks ago to doublecheck my amniotic fluid levels because the measurement for that came back a bit high on the previous ultrasound. The results of this last ultrasound had the amnitic fluid level measurement coming back normal, but the baby's kidneys were measuring too big! The doctor said that that could just simply be the person doing the ultrasound making a mistake, but he also said that if the kidneys really are too big, there's some sort of blockage keeping my baby from urinating properly. So, not this monday, but next monday i'm going for another ultrasound to doublecheck the baby's kidney measurement. I'm worried...even though the doctor told me not to worry. I mean, yeah, it really could have been the ultrasound technician's screw up, but it could also be a problem with my child's health. Of course, i'm gonna worry! I really hope it was just a mistake. The amniotic fluid measurement was a mistake, and the same person that screwed up that measurement did this last ultrasound, so hopefully it's just that she doesn't really know what she's doing... Fingers crossed and prayers going up like crazy.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Still Not Moved In

That's right. I'm still waiting to get moved in. We've got half the carpet laid, but we have to wait until this weekend to lay the rest (and not even completely all of it. The cieling in the baby's room needs fixed before we lay the carpet in there.). I'm so tired of paying rent on a place that i'm not living in! I was so happy because i had an appartment of my own before, but now, that same fact is making me depressed. We're still flat broke, too. Spending all that money on stupid carpet and other essentials for the appartment is killing us. We don't even have money to get food, which at any other time would be the best thing ever, but it doesn't exactly work that way when you're 32 weeks pregnant. So all i've been eating for the past 3 weeks is really nasty, cheap, kill-you, processed foods...and i can see that it's making me gain. Yes, yes, i know i'm supposed to gain because i'm pregnant, but this isn't just baby weight. This gain is making my face chubby and my thighs even bigger than they were before. I'm hating my life at the moment...
Sorry this post is such a downer... I'm sure i'll be posting a much happier post if i ever do actually get moved in. I'm hoping to be moved in this weekend, but i'm not counting on it.