Friday, March 19, 2010

Quick Post

I love you all, and i'm so flattered by your lovely comments. Ana idol? Really?! I was someone's Ana idol?! That's such a compliment.
I miss you, and think of you often.
But i'm sooooo happy! :) Jacob is more than i ever even knew i wanted, and he's just absolute perfection. I could gush on and on about him for hours, but i really doubt u wanna hear all that. Lol.
I LOVE YOUUUU!!! *hugs to all*

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Been Gone A While...

So much has happened in the past week. My parents and pastor found my blog, tried to send me to therapy, and tell me i couldn't see Jacob anymore... so i moved out. I sneaked out the back window on Sunday night, and now i'm living with my FIANCE! :) That's right; we're engaged now! It's incredible. I do feel a little bit bad about how it makes my parents feel, but you know, they sorta asked for it.
Ana's still with me... but she's much more forgiving, and really very quiet in general. Jacob has calmed her down a good bit. Lol. We just shared an enormous stromboli, and Ana didn't even yell... too much.
I miss you all sooooo much. I love reading your blogs and getting your comments but i don't know how much i really have time for it. (Oh dear, that sounds horrid, i know.) Don't worry, i don't love any of you any less; i'm just swamped for time...
This might be my last post, or i might be coming back every once in a while to update you--of course i'll HAVE to post wedding pictures! :)
Ummmm.... yeah... i miss you all, and i'll try to keep in touch. *hugs!*
I'm the happiest i've ever been though. I only wish that each of you can find the kind of love that i've found. My heart just might explode with all this happiness and love, but i'm ok with it.