Friday, March 19, 2010

Quick Post

I love you all, and i'm so flattered by your lovely comments. Ana idol? Really?! I was someone's Ana idol?! That's such a compliment.
I miss you, and think of you often.
But i'm sooooo happy! :) Jacob is more than i ever even knew i wanted, and he's just absolute perfection. I could gush on and on about him for hours, but i really doubt u wanna hear all that. Lol.
I LOVE YOUUUU!!! *hugs to all*


  1. Oh my god how did I miss your last post!!!
    Parents are a pain, I totally understand. I waited to move out when I went to college, but it was SO WORTH IT. haha...
    I hope you have an amazing wedding!! You sound so happy, I'm so happy for you!!

  2. keep us updated! I miss you as well. I'm glad you are happy, everyone deserves it

  3. If you gushed on Jacob for hours I would read it all, because I'd want to hear about you being happy so I could be happy with you! Hope you're doing well, stay skinny!


  4. glad your doing well. miss you

  5. hey hun! its so good to hear from you. im so glad you are happy =] i just wanted to thank you for all of the comments youve been leaving on my blog lately. they really help improve my day!

    I dont know if youve heard or not, but im having a little blog giveaway. i just wanted to let you know so you dont miss out, since youve been so amazing to me =]

    love you girl!

    Lola <3

  6. I miss your blog in my blogger feed. Come back ! ..pleaseee?

  7. Your blogs are lovely and inspirational, my dear. Thankyou so much for writing. I just began a pro ed blog of my own this past week. Keep in touch?