Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Exhaustion, But Only the Best Kind

I yawned and slurped my light Red Bull. "I can't run on no sleep and no food, Ana," i said.
"Sure you can. That's what the drink's for, sweetie."
I nodded, and finished it off, but it didn't help. It was a trick to walk around the fair all day in the hot sun without staggering, but i managed alright. I had to; couldn't let anyone know that anything was wrong. A skinny boy asked for my number, and i gladly gave it to him, thinking that must mean i was semi-skinny myself. I smiled at that, but Ana had to whisper in my ear and remind me that i was certainly not skinny enough just yet; i had to keep working at it.
"I will, of course," I told her. I managed to get through the day on only 360 Calories, feeling slightly sick after even that little bit of food.
When i got home, i instantly fell asleep in Ana's glorious arms. All was well.


  1. Well done! 360 cals! You're amazing!

  2. You are so strong. Really beautiful job today. And you will be where you want weight wise someday ; ) I promise <3
    Stay strong <3 I'll miss you while I'm away!!!!! : (

  3. 360 cals is very good love!
    Glad you finally got some sleep too, theres nothing worse then that delerious stage where you could fall asleep absolutely anywhere haha.
    Have a good day darling :)

  4. Wow, 360 calories! Well done :)
    Stay strong =)

  5. I prefer sugarless Rockstar, ha ha.

    Oh, the light-headed high.

    (BTW, your pics are looking great!)

  6. i admire your control so much.
    keep it up hunni! =)
    much love -x-
    ps. you're still on the abc right?

  7. I hate energy drinks man.
    I was addicted to 5 hour energys (only 4 cals and you dont get shaky).
    But I cut out caffeine and anything that screws with my metabolism because I wanna get skinnies. Now I get totally high off fresh squeezed grapefruit juice. =D Keep up the good work lovely.

  8. I've been falling in to that same sleep the past couple nights. Do you ever have nightmares about food? That you ate something terrible in your dreams?

  9. I applaude you and the low calorie number of 360 *clap*clap*clap* I always have to remind myself that I am not skinny enough because sometimes I get the horrendous idea that I have lost weight and so should be allowed a bit more food. Bad thought. *clap*clap*extra clapping in replacement of food (hey it might even burn calories).

  10. I am so proud!!! Keep up the amazing work =)