Saturday, August 22, 2009

Anybody Want a New Blog to Follow?

olivia anne is new here on blogspot and looking for some support. She's determined, strong, and all together lovely, but we all know how much better we can be just by knowing that there are people behind us to help us.

Take care everyone. Thankyou for all your wonderful comments. You all inspire me more than you know. Much much love.


  1. how nice of u! u r sooo sweet to post an entry lyk this!
    <3 pi

  2. Thank you :) I do feel losing more will help me feel more confident with myself. Let's do ABC together. Shall we start on Sunday?

  3. omg thankss so much for the lovely commentt and for this posttt (: it really helped out! you inspire so many people to do well and stay strong.

    so you're pretty much amazing✩