Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thinspo Time

I don't know about anyone else, but lately i've been feeling rather... uninspired. So hopefully this little thinspo will help me and everyone else too.
Yeah, this first picture is me. :) I'm giving you all a kiss! Thanks for following me! I seriously love all 56 of you!

Look at her pronounced cheekbones! I thought they were so beautiful.

And here, you must look at his collarbones: simply marvelous!

Stay strong everyone!


  1. I feel over the top uninspired too... just keep fighting through it, struggling. Keep reading the blogs & staring at gorgeous girls with beautiful bones for the world to see.. Soon we won't want food, soon... we won't even need it. Stay strong.

  2. Awe! You are so pretty ; )
    Thanks for the thinspo <3

  3. ahhh a bit of thinspo, just what i needed to get me through the day :)
    they're really good photos aswell, where did you find them??

  4. What a cute face shot!

  5. I am so uninspired and unmotivated its literally like grabbing onto my feeties and is pulling me to sit on my fat ass all the time. Ugh. And you are adorable! =) Haha. Thanks for the thinspo!

  6. Thank you for the boy thinspo too :)

  7. Aw your so cute(: anyways i know this is kind of a late comment but I just posted some really good thinspo videos on my page (well they inspire me haha) but i know how you feel stay strong girlll