Friday, August 7, 2009

ABC Day 5

I was looking at the cinnamon roll, but all i could see were the fat rolls of my stomach. I picked the sugary thing up and pinched it, but all i could feel were my thighs rubbing together at the very top of my legs. I took a little bite, but all i could taste was defeat. I tactfully spit the bite into a napkin and dropped it and the pastry into the trash can. "Yuck," i said with conviction.
Ana skipped over to me and kissed my cheek. "Beautifully done," she praised.
I smiled at her. "Thanks." I had thought i was a goner when my mom had made cinnamon rolls that morning, but the words Ana had said to me last night had made me stronger than my sugar cravings. I was proving myself.


  1. The way you compare/contrast the two ideas within this is really great. Keep it up, and keep up the hard work. :)

  2. Well done darling! You have amazing will power to be able to pull that one off. Ana will be so proud, just as i am.

  3. Remeber what I said about sensible food. Cinnamon rolls are not sensible, they are an indulgence, not way around it. Try a can of marinated bean salad. Fiber, complex carbs, some protein. You'll feel better but not have damaged anything.

  4. Well said. That's exactly my thought process when I go to eat something. At least you listened to yourself! I didn't do that well today -.-

  5. Woow! I would have surely been gone once that thing had entered my mouth. I'm completely impressed with your control.

    Good for you. You are my inspiration for the day :)

  6. Not only did you not eat the whole cinnamon roll... you spit out the one bite you took!! That is probably one of the most amazing bits of will power I have ever read!

    Stay strong, be wonderful! :)

  7. I love love love your control and determination, you should be sky high with pride.
    Ana sure knows what she's talking about.
    I love Kiera as well, I can't watch a movie with her in without gawping at her collarbones...her arms...everything, she is truely beautiful.
    Keep up the great work, I love your blog
    Ophelia x x

  8. new to your blog but.. i really like the concept! and you were really strong to be able to spit that bite out even after tasting it. when I try and resist cinnamon buns I just think of all the butter :D good luck! and if you have time check out my blog??

  9. WEIRD.. my mom made cinnamon rolls too. they were sitting on the table in a glorious frosty heap of ooey goodness.. I took one look and rushed out the door because I hadda go to work. And I told myself if I ate one I would be late, and I didnt wanna be late. LOL. Hopefully someone ate them all already :(