Saturday, August 22, 2009


"ABC... ABC... ABC..." Ana chanted in my ear all day long.
"Yes, yes, Ana, i know," i finally answered her. She was almost annoying me. "I'm going to start it tomorrow with pokerface and sorry_i_can't_be_perfect."
"Are you excited?"
I frowned. "Should i be?"
"Duh! How do you expect to be able to do it without some level of excitement about it?"
She was right. How could i make myself excited, though? I was too busy worrying that i was going to fail everyone again.
"Come on, sweetie. Be excited! I'm excited!" Ana urged.
The frown still wrinkled my forehead as i searched my own feelings for the excitement that was practically radiating from Ana. "How?" i finally asked.
"Silly girl," Ana said softly. "It's easy. Think of all the reasons you have to be thinner: you'll be more confident, you'll be more beautiful... so many more reasons."
I nodded slowly, still not feeling the excitement.
"And think of Matt and how much more worthy you'll be of his infatuation when you're skinny. Think about the people beginning the ABC with you! They're so supportive and beautiful, and they're doing the exact same thing as you, so they'll help you do it better. Think of the others who follow your blog. They're beautiful and going to support you too. Everyone's excited about it but you. Come on, sweetheart..."
The frown disappeared and was replaced by a little bit of a smile as i nodded again. I was getting excited people i loved were the best motivator. "Alright. I'm excited," i said with a laugh.
"Good, great, fantastic!" Ana joined my laughter. "Now... shall we look up thinspo together?"


  1. Hey! I'm starting the abc with u today, as u suggested! Good luck to us!! :)

  2. GO US! :D

    Let's definitely stick to it this time. I am excited, and even more so because of this post :)

  3. this post is just what i needed, now I'M EXITEDD!! we are soo gonna do it hun
    i agree with ana, just think of what you'll get out of it and you'll definetly succeed. i beilive in you babe
    x stay strong x

  4. O hai!
    You are too adorable in your socks and plaid panties. HAHA. <3 I love it. You will do amazing girl, you always do. You just gotta think positive and positive things will happen right? <3 Keep it up! Miss you.