Friday, August 21, 2009


Ok, i'm sorry, but this just isn't pretty... I was on the website for Glamour magazine looking for thinspo of some sort and i came across this article that was totally glorifying the above picture. I was just like what in the world?! Her stomach's flabby and her thighs are big. I mean, i'm glad she's confident and all, but maybe she should just be confident and not show off everything to everyone. It's just disturbing. I'm not saying she's obese, but she's definately not thin enough to have pictures like that out for everyone to see. If anything, she's a reverse thinspo.

*End rant: sorry. I wasn't going to say anything about it... i just couldn't get it out of my head. Hope you all don't think i'm a mean, unfeeling person now.


  1. Gross... No way! She's sooooo flabby! I totally agree with u, it IS a reverse thinspo. But its gud that she's smiling & all... "to each their own..." lol

    *I accidentally deleted ur comment on my blog... sorry:(

  2. I don't like to see it either. but jealous of her confidence

  3. not unfeeling. just realistic.

    i love your blog by the way, i've been reading for a while, and thought i'd finally just follow and comment.

  4. She has a stomach like that at 20!?
    If she's had kids then fair enough I suppose.. but if not then seriously what the fuck.

  5. You are a cold unfeeling bitch.
    HAHAHAHA jk, I do agree with you. Why would they do that to someone? Her tummy.. like has she had a kid? Because that shit is pretty loose. If she'd cut that strip of fat off her stomach I think the picture and her would better. Because she really does not have that bad of a body. Its just a few things that make her look.. unbecoming.

  6. She's pretty. But she's also the kind of person who could easily lose the stomach and be beautiful without clothes on.

  7. this pic is gross, but hey she's happy and thats all that matters right? i mean thats what we're all tryna get, happiness and if she's got it with those rolls, whats wrong with thaT?
    i am so happy you guys are doing abc too. i was actually thinking twice about restarting alone because last time i didn't last very long. yay
    goodluck to us
    much love hunni

  8. Yea-No. I fully agree with you. Not cute to be showing this to the world. This is more of a reverse thinspo to me than obese people tho because it reminds me that while I'm not obese I'm certainly NOT near where I want to be.

    I'm certainly not gonna judge you by your thoughts on this pic!!

  9. I wasn't totally bothered by the pic, although I agree with everyone else's stomach comments...a flabby stomach is the worst, worse than anywhere else.

    But I was actually the MOST annoyed by the fact that she was called a "Plus-Sized" model...and she's only a size 9!!! How is that Plus-Sized?? She's just normal sized, it doesn't skip from "Skinny" to "Fat", there's a grey area in-between.

    Idiots are hurting their own cause.