Tuesday, August 4, 2009

If This is True.... We're All Screwed.


  1. haha I actually love that poster. And I noticed the picture change! Can't wait to see you shrink.

  2. I think it is true. Because it doesn't matter how many liars tell me i'm skinny.

    I'm fat

  3. Hmph! I want my mirror to lie to me and tell me I'm skinny! Hasn't it ever heard that honesty is overrated?!

    Actually, I think it's how you photograph that important. Those blasted piece of papers follow you forever and spread like wildfire!

    I'm fat.

  4. I myself prefer the tiny kitten. So light and sweet and pretty.

  5. Kitty kitty kitty <2+1
    The picture's cute, but the message is cruel :(

    I found that quote ("nothing.nothing is wrong etc") on a site, can't remember which one, though. A while ago, I googled "thinspo quotes" and found that site, then saved the quotes I liked the most :D Hey um, got MSN? Explaining stuff through IM is so much easier haha. My address is strawberries-in-the-fat-lane@hotmail.com
    Add meee xD

    Take care <3

  6. Ahhhh LOL!
    I wanna be a kitty kitty kitty.
    I noticed the picture change! Too cute <3
    Keep trying, darling! Just always get back up and keep at it! ♥

  7. haha thank you! glad you're still going with abc :) I might have a look at it again soon. You're very strong for keeping it up :) I think I'll post the before pictures again, as a few people have said they'd like to see. Only if I manage to lose a few more pounds before results day though... lol

  8. Ha, whenever I see myself in the mirror, my reflection is always winking and looking rather suave. No idea why. ; )

    But I think I'd rather be an adorable kitten than a vicious... whatever that other feline is.

    Anyway, your comment made me feel so much better. I like your logic; maintaining IS the second best thing to losing. : )

    And yeah I've never been too good about taking my vitamins but now it's become so clear to me that they're a huge factor in my success.

  9. A nice little picture, lol.