Friday, August 28, 2009


"Who are you?" i asked the hungry-eyed girl as i followed her into my kitchen for the millionth time.
"Just call me C," she answered, rooting through the cupboards.
I frowned. "What's that short for?"
"Nothing really. Here, just eat something."
I'd already eaten too much, but i accepted the food she offered, barely even seeing what it was as i stuffed it blindly into my mouth. Some sort of ravenous hunger gnawed at my stomach and begged me to keep eating. "You're going to make me fat, C," i told her.
"Nonsense," she tsk-tsked. "Everyone knows you could use a few pounds on you."
I looked down at my bloated stomach. Funny, i'd thought i was too fat.
Mom yelled at us for eating her cherry poptarts, but we didn't care; we just kept eating them. Dad asked what in the world i was doing eating a hamburger, but i ignored him and took another too-big bite of greasy, fat meat.
"Here," C shoved a bag at me. "Eat these too."
"But i don't even like Cheetos," i protested.
"Why does that matter?" she asked me, biting into a frozen something-or-other, not wasting the time it would take to heat it up.
I shrugged and dug into Cheetos. Might as well eat them; C was right, and it didn't really matter anymore anyway. Together we ate everything in the kitchen except the silverware. (Ok, maybe i'm exaggerating just a little bit.)
I was stuffed; C was not. "We should go buy ice cream!" she suggested, and for some odd reason, it sounded like a fantastic idea. I grabbed the car keys.
Then Ana appeared. "Get out of here, you bitch!" she screamed at C, who cowered into a corner.
"She-she's yours?" C asked, her voice trembling as she bowed before Ana. "I didn't know..."
"No, really... I didn't!" and with that C ran away, leaving me to face Ana's wrath alone.
"Why would you listen to her?" Ana turned her fury to me.
"Who is she?" i whispered, too afraid to speak aloud.
"Compulsive overeating, you dumb-ass."
C.... I should have known....
"What were you thinking?!"
"I.. I don't know." It was my turn to stammer and stutter before Ana.
"You're pathetic. I don't know what's wrong with you," she murmured.
"I'm sorry."
"Sorry doesn't cut it, Jo; it doesn't even come close." She turned away from me.
"How can i fix it then?" i asked, desperate to patch things up with her.
Her head spun around and her shocking eyes met mine. I did my best not to shudder or pull my eyes away. "Fast," she said sharply. "Fast for at least two days."
I nodded. "I will."


  1. good luck with your fast!
    I HATE 'C'!!
    you should really write a book one day or something, you have fantastic writing style :)

  2. Awh I'm sorry that happened, but I have to say that this is one of your best-written blogs. : ) Have fun on your fast, dear, I'm sure you'll do amazingly well!

  3. Make sure you drink lots of water! Try and get some exercise too

  4. This is absolute brilliance. I love this. it is going in my ana scrap book.


  5. Ha ha, C is such a bitch she doesn't even get a name.

    I call her Coe, myself. She waits at home for you to get off work or school, lounging on the couch in front of the TV, stuffing her fat face. That's why we all do so well during the day, but can't stop eating in the evenings....

  6. C is the most annoying part about not eating, even when I'm not hungry, there she is!

    Your style of writing is absolutely genius, really.