Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Third Post Today...

I've been posting like a maniac today, haven't i? Too bad that didn't stop me from binging earlier. Ugh. Does anyone have any tips on getting re-inspired? I'm just feeling so blah and don't give a crap lately. I need any tips you can give, and i guarantee i'll try them all.

Omg 61 followers!! AAAAAHHHH! It makes me so freaking happy! I love you all, even my new ones that i barely know. xoxoxo!

So the real reason i'm making this third post today is to tell you all about a new blog i've found. *strawberry//shortcake* She's pretty much alone, as i'm her only follower so far, but i know you all will give her the support she deserves. She's quite lovely as i'm sure you'll all find out.

Stay beautiful everyone!


  1. Are you getting royalties for all these blogs your plugging? haha. jk.

    Why no motivation? Is it because you got a hot boy that thinks you're the bees knees? Just make sure your the hottest chick around him! I dunno... It's the numbers that motivate me. It's the thought of eventually look ah-frikin-mazing in anything and everything [and nothing! *wink*] that gets me going!

    To each his own. As long as you are happy, that is all that matters. =)


  2. I may have already responded to this, but I can't remember so sorry if I already did. Haha.

    But I feel like I need to get re-inspired too! Ughh I just don't know what to do, like I can look up all kinds of thinspiration but it just doesn't have the same effect, y'know? I don't know what to dooo.

  3. Check out this site:
    Turns me off food every time. :)

  4. What works for me is looking at my fat in the mirror and pinching it. I know it sounds super weird but it lets me see how fat I am and then I just don't feel like eating.
    Good Luck.

  5. When I really can't get my mind of food, I treat myself to a mini-spa: take a really long bath, do all of your nails, give yourself a facial, heck, give yourself a foot massage if you have to! Just take the time to relax. Exercising is great, but a girl needs a little bit of luxury right?

    Just keep it up girl. We all know you can do it.

  6. I don't really have any tips, but if it keeps your momentum going.. your hips DEFINITELY look smaller in the sidebar picks.

  7. A great site to get tips and thinspo from is fading-obsession.com. It's really good and they have a list of books too, if you try reading more it can take your mind off of eating. :) Some libraries don't carry the books, so check bookstores and Amazon too if you really want to read one you can't find. Good luck! :D

  8. I find doing a "beauty day" helps me be inspired. Like I'll do all my beauty treatments, take a hot salt bath, do my nails, wear curlers ect....and it's fun too ; )
    Good luck fairy girl <3

  9. Wow, that dress is so beautiful!

    Stay strong <3

  10. aww I love reading ALL of your posts, so post as frequent as you like, darling =)
    hmmm...I usually go out when I feel like internet/blogging isn't doing the job. NOT to eat of course but one can find me lurking around movie theaters or flopping along the mall practically filled with thinspo and happy skinny couples or dashing to Walgreen's to buy Cosmo and Vogue and go sit in the park looking at lovely lovely pictures of extraterrestrial beings =))))

    Get Thinspired, hun!!!!

    ok, gonna go comment on your previous posts lol