Saturday, August 8, 2009

Intermission: Random Poem

Since i share everything here, i figured i'd share a bit of my poetry as well. I write poems when i get upset, and i just wrote this one while crying in the shower, but i used rain in the poem instead of the shower water because it's much more romantic, don't you think? Lol. I kind of picture this poem as a heavy metal song, several of the lines screamed, and the last four repeated over and over. Keep that in mind as you read it, because it might be lame otherwise... I hope you enjoy it.

Wash away the pain;
Wash away your tears.
Wash away your childish crying,
And wash away your stupid fears.

Dance in the rain,
Pray for lightening to strike.
Sing your sorrow into the rain;
Scream with all your might!

Nobody needs you:
You're not good enough.
Nobody wants you:
So forget your foolish dreams of love.


  1. That would be an awesome song. And crying in the shower is the best time to write lol, I've done it many times.

    As for the content I'm sorry you feel that way. Its ok to feel down we all do, I just hope you feel up too =)

  2. Dont go beating yourself up about that ice cream any longer, did you run it off? did you run off a bit extra to make up for it? if so, then you're fine.
    You're such an amazing writer, i should not be surprised that your poems are just as good. I can totally imagine it being sung/screamed :) favourite kind of music

  3. Don't believe those last four lines. They're simply not true...

  4. Oh no, I'm sorry you were sad.
    That totally sounds like a metal song though, heh heh. You're a great writer. : )

  5. ur really talented, despite how shit u feel....

  6. I think your 47 followers at least prove that you are needed, and you are wanted :)

    Thanks for the comment again and don't worry about it being long! I love reading comments like that and yours was very interesting. Hope your day is going better today :) mine is so hopefully yours is too! No gossip so far but then I did just wake up (it's 3pm... don't judge me) haha.

    Thank you for the compliment on the photo :D it's really encouraging me! I'm going to do a 2 day fast because of all the positive feedback I've had this morning :)

  7. Just wanted to let you know i can see such a difference in your picture from day one and the new photo from day seven. I can't believe seven days can make such a difference!!! keep up the good work.


  8. Thank you for sharing your poetry ; ) And thanks for listening to my music! ; D that made me sooo happy! You have no idea! And you have totally inspired me to do abc's! Hahaha! So now we're in it together even more so : )
    And you've totally lost from your pics! Wow! you are looking so beautiful! You should be really proud of yourself fairy girl ; )
    Stay strong <3

  9. Dang. The way I heard it in my head is pretty good!