Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cold Pizza....

I opened the refrigerator and there it was: the bane of my skinny-self's existence: pizza. Cold pizza, which was even worse (or better, if i decided to look on the situation through the eyes of my tongue rather than through my actual eyes). It was so very tempting, just sitting there all alone. My hand reached for the box... I pulled it back.
"No," i said and reached instead for the broccoli. I measured out exactly one cup, and steamed it in the microwave. I carefully sprinkled the perfect amount of salt onto it and went over to the table to enjoy what was by far my favorite "safe" food.
Halfway through my broccoli, i was bored. I wanted to go read blogs or draw a picture or something while i finished up. But Ana wouldn't let me. "You've got to learn that you can't mindlessly eat; that's what makes you fat. The table is the only place you're allowed to eat from now on." I managed to obey her.
But then, as i took my empty bowl out to the kitchen sink, temptation called to me again. I opened the refrigerator door and peered in cautiously.
"Jo..." Ana warned.
"I just wanna look at it," i reassured her as my hand reached once again for the pizza box.
"Don't," she commanded.
I didn't listen. Before i knew what i was doing, the box was open and i held a slice of fat-filled pizza in my hand, and my hand was moving toward my mouth. I couldn't see anything but that pizza.
"Jo!" Ana shrieked. I paused, the food suspended just inches from my mouth. "Think of the people doing ABC with you!"
That snapped me out of my food-trance. I hurriedly threw the pizza back in the box, slapped the lid back down on top of it, slammed the refrigerator door, and ran from the kitchen, moving as quickly as i could so i wouldn't change my mind. I went to my room and closed the door, throwing a heap of clothes that had been lying dejectedly on the floor next to my bed in front of it. "No getting out now," i told myself. "No pizza."
Ana slipped through the door and floated over the clothes. "Good job, sweetie," she said, putting a hand on my shoulder. "I've never before seen you be so strong."
I smiled and replied, "I couldn't have done it without those lovely people and you."


  1. Aw, well done resisting temptation!!
    I have the same troubles when it comes to cold pizza!
    :P Well done!!

  2. Resisting temptation! WOW, after you even had it in your hands! You are SO STRONG!!!

    Great job!!

  3. WELL DONE! :)
    My major problem is mindless eating too.. You're so very strong, good job :)

  4. WOW im jealous and so proud of you. That shows enormous strength that most people don't have. I know I couldn't have gotten that far without failing miserabley. Great job ! & Good Luck finishing ABC. You got it ;)

  5. Ugh pizza -- that is absolutely binge triggering for me.Congrats on resisting!
    Yay for willpower!! <3

  6. Pizza. I hate it. Because it wants to make me fat too. :(

    Good job resisting though!!! You are so strong and I'm glad you thought of everyone here when you wanted to eat, that's really great, it makes me feel like I can help. :) Even though really it was just your amazing will power. Stay strong!

  7. Wow! I can NEVER resist pizza!
    Great job! :)
    <3 Pi

  8. Good job. I'm so proud of you! I'm so glad I read it this morning, because I know it's going to inspire me for the rest of my day!
    Thanks and stay strong!

  9. hey welldone hunni
    you doing really good
    especially when it was in yur hand
    you inspire me so much
    funny thing, everytime i nearly binged today, i thougt of you and how hard you're gonna try to keep with the abc, and that stopped me from bingeing
    so we sorta motivate each other!
    yay keep it up hun & goodluck xxxxx

  10. Oh god, what is harder than actually picking food up, touching it, and then putting it back down without a bite? Something we can all aspire to.

  11. oh myyyy. strong much?! :) i've been the same way. i want it, i almost eat it, i throw it.. i cry. i cry because i was almost weak in the first place. maybe i'm too hard on myself. but holy wow you are just amazing. you inspire me :)

  12. Well done :) that's some rocking willpower!

  13. I understand you write this in story form...but it seems like Ana is your conscience in real life?
    sorry if that sounds stupid

  14. Teehee YAY for using my advice. =)
    Hopefully it works for you. You are not cursed! Mindless eating is a hard habit to break. Keep up the good work girllllll <3