Monday, August 3, 2009

Day One, Once More

The hard concrete bit into my back, even through the thick yoga mat, but Ana still wouldn't let me stop. "20 more curl-ups," she insisted. I groaned and stuggled and breathed hard, but i managed to get through the workout, my entire body shaking satisfactorily when i was done. "Not bad," Ana murmured the compliment so softly i almost couldn't hear it. But i did hear it, and it made me smile.
I walked through the door to my house, Ana at my side. Unfortunately for me, the only way into the house was through the kitchen. Food called at me from every side. "Eat us! We promise not to make you fat," the cookies begged seductively. "And then eat me," the yogurt whispered. "Stuff me in your mouth, in huge bites. There's no one here to see you do it," the bread said.
I sprinted through the kitchen, rushing away from the lying food. Ana was there to see me do it, and she would kill me if i did. I would kill me if i did. I grabbed the chairs from around the dining room table and made a crazy looking barricade. There was no getting into the kitchen without moving them; hopefully that would help. Ana smiled and told me i'd done a good job, that i'd had a brilliant idea, but the half-sane part of my mind thought it was a bit ridiculous to barricade onesself out of the kitchen. "Oh well," i thought. "It's worth it to not eat."
And i didn't eat! I stayed under 400 Calories for the entire day, a day when i was supposed to have 500. Ana was so happy with me, and i was even happier with me.
"Keep it up, sweetie," Ana said, her voice dripping with honey, the only kind of honey i would ever need. "You're going to be thin in no time, if you just keep it up."
I nodded. "No failing. Ever. Again."


  1. u are a very talented writer....

  2. Good job, dearie. : )
    I don't think the barricade thing is ridiculous. That split second it takes to move a chair might be the moment you change your mind about eating. : )

  3. sounds like day one went great for you. :) good luck with day 2 tomorrow. :)

  4. Well done! you had a great day

  5. Heh, I have a picture in my head of a manic girl boarding up her kitchen...

    Good job!

  6. well done on the 400 cals :) you took down the photos though! Post more soon :)

    good job lovely! 400/500, that is fantastic! :)
    i am happy with you too. you'll be there in no time babygirl. whereever you wanna be, you got it. i lol'd at the barricade from the kitchen. but hey, whatever works! <3 keep it up!

  8. Just realised i don't think i've ever commented on your blog! i love the way you write!

  9. a barricade blocking the kitchen. I like it.

    Well done on the Restricting.


  10. goodluck. i'm on day one of abc.
    we can so do it!!!!! :)
    i beilive in you

  11. so i would like to know .. what percentage of your posts is fact and what part is fiction? i do not mean to judge, im just curious. i look forward to your new pics!!

  12. YAY for the photos! :D my fast isn't done yet... still 7 hours to go, and my mum's planning on making pasta with my favourite ever sauce so I don't know how I'm going to get around it... pasta and sauce is hard to hide :S

  13. As usual, another great blog. :)