Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Results day

Every Wednesday, you all probably run away from your computer screaming, "don't blind me, Ana's girl! Don't blind me!" ...Sorry... Here's today's awful picture, though i think it might be a bit better than last week's. What do you all think?
The fast went well (i lasted 41 hours!), but afterward i had a 1000 Cal binge--still less than the "normal person" my age needs to eat, but entirely too much! Today i'm restarting ABC, and i WILL NOT fail. Wish me luck; join me if you like; comments make me smile.


  1. Your stomach looks nice. What do you weigh in this picture? xx

  2. Yayyy :D
    Well done!
    Awesome underwear... without sounding creepy :( It's just very pretty lol

    Good luck with your ABC :D
    I KNOW you can do it xox

  3. i think your legs are looking thinner

    good luck with abc :)

  4. good fucking luck. I hate (and love) that stupid thing.

    but practice makes perfect, eh?

  5. wow you look awesome,i can definitely see some weight loss in your legs and in your tummy, not that you really need to lose any from your tummy in my opinion... :)
    good luck on the abc, that worked awesome for me when i wanted to lose alot of weight in a small time frame. good luck ,i know you can do it.

    stay strong, were all here to back you up.


  6. wow nice pants! :P

    Yu do look smaller definately, well done! keep it up! an good luck,

    stay strong

  7. I'm noticing a diifffeerreennccee!!!!!!!!!! Good work, keep it up!