Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sorry I Haven't Been Writing In Story Form Much

I just haven't felt very poetic or creative. Anyways, quick update, i just tried the salt water flush... I drank the water anyway... Well, half of it because i simply could NOT drink all of it. Waaay too gross. Do you think it'll work? Have any of you girls tried it? Oh dear i wish we just had laxxies in this house; that'd be so much easier. I promise to post a story later today.


  1. Well... I tried it twice. First time, NO results at all and the saltwater just made me feel bloated and ill. Second time, moderate results but not near as spectacular as I'd been hoping. A dear friend of mine, K, has done it a few times and most of the time it worked for her. There were a couple instances where nothing happened, but then others with... shall we say "explosive" results haha.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog! I've decided to put off the University for now and apply next year instead. Working for the next year gives me time to try to save up some cash before I'll be out of fulltime employment, and the timing coincides with a possible one-year contract I can probably get working with my BFF S before applying ^.^

    Hugs, hope you're okay =]

  2. I've tried it a few times. It worked. As in... I threw up like crazy... but it still left me feeling sick and kinda.. bloated.
    Oh well. Good luck <3