Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I refuse....

To post my results pictures. I've had four days of binges, and yesterday's fast didn't last beyond 13 hours. I've eaten breakfast already today. I just don't know what to do. It's like my resolve is gone... I'm going to get it back. I'm going to be thin!
Lets see... I've had 300 Cals at breakfast (entirely too much, i know). Maybe today i'll make it a 1,000 Cal (again, entirely too much, i know), and then restart ABC tomorrow. Sound good? Kind of, sort of... NOT AT ALL! I should be on day 8 of ABC, not planning to start day 1. Ugh. I hate my fat disgusting self. Please, someone send me a hacksaw so i can get all this fucking fat off of me. :'(
Crap, i think i'm depressed again. I was so happy when i was doing well on ABC; i don't know why i couldn't continue being happy and continue doing well with it. Kill me now...


  1. ABC doesn't work for everyone :( Whenever I start getting out of control, I let myself have like, 1000 to 900 and then down to 800, and then 700, 600...etc. And when I feel control slipping, I up the calorie amount to try and keep control. Sometimes we have to eat more just to make sure we don't eat too much.
    And I always tell myself it's only one day. I don't think about what I'll do the next. I just focus on that one day. It makes it somehow easier.
    That's what I always do.
    Everyone has their own methods, and you just have to find yours.
    I believe in you. You'll get back ont rack, I know it.

  2. instead abc try eating like 300 for two days then have a thousand the next day then 400 cals the next. it tricks ur metabolism. it worked for me.

  3. I've been having the same 'I want to be thin, but my control is gone' feeling lately. Don't feel bad about breakfast, think of it as a way to boost your metabolism.

    Don't overthink these things, just take each day as it is. You will get there soon.

    Ariana, xoxo

  4. maybe ABC's just not the right plan for you. don't follow something that's already been invented, come up with something yourself, that way you can personalize it to meet your needs. like i can't eat throughout the day without wanting more for the rest of the day, so i fast and reward myself with a piece of candy or something 50 cals or less at the end of the day. it keeps me from bingeing. keep trying, just try a bunch of new plans and see what works for you.

    stay strong, think thin, live ana

  5. I know it's not gonna sound like a good idea but maybe if you start from like 1000, do that for a couple of days and then start going down.
    And anyway, Christmas is coming and that is always going to be binge central :(
    I agree with Pretty Wreck, we all have our own ways.
    stay strong hun xo

  6. I have a suggestion and take it for what its worth. Why not eat a lot of LOW cal foods that will fill you up. Make your own chicken or veggie soup. Cabbage soup. Fill up on salads and veggies You can be FULL and eat little cals. The more i think about how much I can eat, the worse I am Good luck! I bet you are a hottie no matter what!

  7. I tried ABC this summer, and like you would just slip. I would restart, and slip and restart, slip. I went for a week once, that way good, and resulted in -5lbs. I was happier that week than the rest two.