Monday, December 7, 2009


I try, and i fail; i try, and i fail. But the only true failure is to stop trying, so i'm pressing on.


  1. Hellz yeah girl, you stay strong!
    I really do believe in you :D

  2. if we never stop trying, we've got to succeed sometime, cause we can't be stuck in limbo forever. somday, something will give, and we will be in freefall towards thinness. we've just got to stick it out till then, k?
    love you !!!

  3. and this is why I love you.

    Its been now two times that you've defended yourself to an ignorant poster. "I never claimed I was this..blah blah blah" I can't remember exactly. But how rude of them none the less.

    I just told one of my ana buddies the following: In the end it doesn't matter how thin, thick, light, dark, blonde, brown tall or short you are. What matters most, in reality, in our sick lives of suffering with ED's, is this; your character. I've been consumed with my ED, I've been scared of my ED, I've tried to ignore my ED, and I've lost myself. It took a lot of work but I finally found a way to deal a little bit better. The important thing is to always(respectively speaking) make yourself #1. Yes you can care and try to help other people. I love helping people, and sometimes I care to much. But if you spread yourself so thin that you aren't able to find Jo, then you are lost!

    I think you are a sincere person. People may judge you, they may not think you're 'Ana', or you don't 'look' like you have a 'problem'. The majority of people suffering with ED's DON'T look 'annorexic'. It DOESN'T matter. A person with an ED is a person with an ED. They still experience emotional and physical problems, and its still just as bad.

    sorry for the novel. Find Jo. Find what makes her happy. I'm glad you got away from the two boys that didn't treat you like you should be treated. Keep your determination and perseverance. - if you ever need me