Saturday, December 26, 2009

More Tim Burton Thinspo (I Had Far Too Much Fun With That ) :)

Goodness... Why can't this:

happen to me?! Come on, fat mugger, come take my fat!

I suppose i could be happy with not being bony if i could look this amazing:

Do you suppose that'd make Shaun happy? He says i need to find some "healthier" thinspos. She's beautiful and perfect... Yet, i wonder... can you see bones if she's unclothed? Damn, i'm twisted.


  1. I'm not gonna lie, you probably can. I mean shit, I was at the GAP today, which is supposed to be a place for "normal" people, right? Well in their winter ad there were a bunch of girls lying in a circle, modeling corduroys or something, and every single one of them had noticeable hip bones. Not the extreme kind that some of us admire, but they were definitely there, y'know? Bones are normal. Bones are EXPECTED in our culture. It's just "weird" to people if you happen to have a preoccupation with digging for them.

  2. HAHAHHA the comic is HILARIOUS!!! ROFL

  3. Yay! Amazing thinspo:D I absolutely LOVE Tim Burton:) <3

  4. I'm gonna tell you now petal to stop listening to Shaun. He is controlling you. I'm sorry that I'm being so rude but I've spent my life being controled my male friends/boy friends. You need to make him see that even though you like him, you're not going to do everything he says.