Thursday, December 24, 2009

Results Day Again

Here's a quick pic of the necklace Shaun got me for christmas. He says there's more presents to come. Eeep! Lol. I love it; haven't gone anywhere without it since i got it.

Look closely---very, very closely---guys and gals! What do you see?! Ribs? It's not just my imagination and wishful thinking, is it?

Hmmm. I'm still a whale... But perhaps a smaller whale? Is it possible that Shaun was right and i can still lose by eating "a decent amount," according to him, and working out a lot?

Also, i wanted to share something with you, something that's awesome. Snowflakesfallgently left a comment on my one post about having an apple for breakfast. She said that sprinkling cinnamon and ginger on said apple would boost my metabolism. It's delicious! I've discovered that i really like ginger, something i never would have known otherwise. It'd better boost metabolism too, that's two metabolism-boosting spices! Thanks, hun. You all should really try it.

For some reason, i'm in a really good mood today... Don't ask me why. I haven't a clue. Hope you all feel the same. Nothing but raw foods (fruits and veggies) for me today... The bad part about that resolve is that i know it'll get broken when my parents make me have cookies, tonight... Ugh! Stupid, fatty traditions. Stay strong, my lovelies.


  1. ahh! I see the ribs (: that's fantastic!! and you do NOT look like a whale, you look GOOD! so there! but I know what you mean about cookies and stuff tonight.. my mom has red velvet cupcakes(my weakness) a yule cake, AND a cookie cake(my other weakness) and it's all just for tonight.. ugh. but let's wish each other luck and maybe we'll get through it with minimal damage!! (:
    love you!


  2. you look fantastic. im so jealous of the fact that you can eat more and still lose weight. :) im glad your feeling better, its good to know that shaun is treating you good.
    your one of the strongest girls i know.


  3. Its good that you are feeling happy :). The necklace looks pretty, and so do you :). I want to try cinnamon and ginger apple for breakfast! Sounds like a plan


  4. I can see them, there's a definite ribs-shadow going on there. Yay ribs!

    I'm glad you're in such a good mood today =] You deserve to have more good days than it seems you have been having lately. You've done so well and I know that you'll reach your goals. You've already proven to yourself that you can still lose weight on a higher calorie intake, and I'm proud of you =]

    Stay Strong hun,
    Vee xoxo

  5. I see the ribs!

    Good job on your raw foods and exercising. : )

  6. Wow, you CAN see your ribs! That's great! :) Definitely not only your imagination.

    I'm in a good mood too, I think Christmasness has taken over.

  7. You look smashing, darling. Those are definitely ribs. And is it just me, or do you look kind of like Twiggy in the last picture?

  8. eeeeeeeep, i see ribs!!!! yay for you babes, you look super sexy! and shaun is definetly right, as long as you exercise off the cals u've eaten, then you'll def lose weight.

    cals in >>equal to/or less than>> cals out -> definate weight loss!
    keep going strong babe! much love.

  9. Not to be a nagging mother type...but do you realize that all the pervs in the world can see those pics?? At least make your blog private or something! I won't nag you about ditching the ED, but I will tell you that after 16 years of that BS, I've discovered that eating like a regular person is so much easier, and I'm thinner than I was playing that starve/binge game. I'm not 100% normal, (here I am on a pro-ana blog), but my entire life isn't consumed by calories. Anyway, be safe. Take the pics down!

  10. okay I know once again I;m super late commenting on this, but what happened to him "not going to try to change you if thats not what you want?" I think that what he's doing is wrong. He's breaking his promise. You shouldn't have to try to please him. When boys try to change you, thats when you know you need to change boys babe.