Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thinspo and Rant

Not going to work today... Feeling sick and depressed... So yesterday all i did was eat... (slight exaggeration, but really not much). I feel like such a fatty. I want to start ABC on Monday... I want to stop eating food... I want my Ana my way back. It's not going to kill me, i swear. Must find a way to make Shaun see that. Oh dear, i hate myself... 3 days of Christmas food is going to kill me wayy faster than Ana ever would.

Here's a random, Tim Burton inspired thinspo for all of you who actually put up with my rants:


  1. Aw honey :( I'm so sorry you're not feeling so well... You can have your ana back if you want to. Well, of course you do :)
    Besides, next year is gonna be awesome, I promise. We'll all lose all the weight we want to lose in 2010. It's gonna be a new beginning.
    By the way, I love Tim Burton... Oh my, I think I love way too many things/people lol
    Take care <3

  2. I fucking LOVE Tim Burton.
    And don't worry, I've eaten like 3000 cals or fat every day.
    And this thing is stressing you out too much. This boy will end up controlling you and that's not what men should do. I mean, you wouldn't put up with him telling you what to do about anything else would you?

  3. Hugs hun. You can have Ana back... but it's a decision you have to make, whether to continue the way you are doing and trying to please Shaun... or to do what *you* want to do. I mean either way you can lose the weight, one will be slower than the other of course, but if you're not happy doing it this way, then the other option is open to you if you want it. I'm sorry I'm not being more helpful, but the ball's in your court right now and you need to decide how you want to proceed from here.

    In any case, I'm starting ABC a week from today to kick the new year off on a high, and I'm actually finding myself looking forward to it. Join me then, if you want to.

    Anyway, in any case you know you have our full support, whether you were to run back into Ana's arms fully, whether you continue walking the middle ground between Ana and Shaun, even if you chose to turn your back on Ana entirely and go for full recovery and a "normal" approach to eating (not likely I know, and you haven't mentioned it, I'm just bringing it up to illustrate my point. Badly, I might add lol). So do what you want and need to do. Always here if you wanna talk! xx

    Also, that is so my favourite Thinspo ever. Tim Burton is a god.

  4. You'll get it back.
    Just remember why it was there in the first place.
    Good luck, Hun.

  5. Awesome pictures!!

    Stay strong, girlie..2010 is def. the year to make it all happen.


  6. I love tim burton <3!!!
    I think if you explained to your boyfriend that your notnreally recovering unless you want it he may understand. I don't know though, that's just what worked for me. I've eaten a ton too. I'm pretending like those days didnt happen and I'm moving on. Good luck. Peace love and weight loss :)