Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Results Day

First off, Greene and Ana, i can't comment your blogs. I don't know. Maybe i'm retarded or maybe my computer just doesn't agree with your layouts, but i promise you this: i am always reading, and i love you girls!

Second... i'm not so excited to post pictures today. Can you tell i'm putting it off? Lol. I've gained (thank you, holiday season junk food). However, part of the motivation to get skinny is having to post pictures no matter what has happened during that week. Damn, i should be able to see my ribs... but i covered them up with peanut butter and fudge and cookies and fatness. Ugh. This week is going to be better.

Third, i'm going to start ABC next monday. I'm waiting so long because i still have some new years parties and luncheons and meetings with friends that i gotta get through before that. However, the fact that i'm waiting to start ABC does NOT mean i have to wait to restrict the very best i can. I will be strong through this. Who's with me?

Lastly, the dreaded pictures :(


  1. I admire you for having the courage to post these pictures no matter how you are feeling - it truly is a thinspiration. And I think you look good, so jealous of your stomach.

  2. For the holiday season you aren't looking that bad.
    Good luck with ABC, cant wait to hear your results~
    Stay strong x

  3. woah, is that what i think it is..


    hip bone!
    i dont care what you think you see in these pictures because all i see is a girl i want to look like. your stomach is just AMAZING.whatever your doing, keep it up. and i completely understand waiting till the holidays are over to start abc. it will be nice to have a new year and a clean slate. youll kick the abc's ass next year! stay strong


  4. Stay strong! I love your blog, very thinspiering!

  5. You've got hip bones!! Something to be proud of!

  6. you are getting so so skinny! OMG I love you!

  7. omg! I so feel the same way...its hard this past two weeks thanks to Xmas and New Years...I gained as well, unfortunately, but I am gonna start ABC diet on Monday too...hehe we can diet together.

    Fucking sux because I HAD to eat otherwise my coworkers and friends would get suspicious...I had office party after office party and on top of that I had two Xmas dinners (my mother's and father's)

    This New Years Eve I am having a party at my place and my friends suggested putting $10 down each so we can get a buffet of food...UGH...but if I don't participate they totally will know something is up especially since we are smoking huge amounts of weed.

    Keep it up. I love your blogs they are totally an inspiration to me!

  8. you look like a very sweet person.. something about your face..

  9. I don't see what you're dissatisfied with.

    Stay cool.

  10. :O I have to say you are truly inspiring!
    I mean look at those amazing hip bones!
    Good luck with the ABC, im going to be eating ALOT less calories as of January 1 so maybe I can do that while you do the ABC?
    Im looking foreward to another post :)

  11. I just found your blog, and I have spend all my extra time reading the entire thing. I find you very thinspiring. I also feel that I am in somewhat in the same boat as you..i have uber good days, then miserable. In the end every one of us will find our motivation we need to become skinny!! Hopefully SOON. Good Luck in the new year--I will continue reading your blog. :]

  12. thanks for your comment I really appreciate it.
    I love your pictures^^

    love you <3

  13. You have an amazing stomach!! You're so lucky you look good in those kinda glasses, you pull off the whole sexy librarian look. I on the other hand would look like a royal poser and idiot! HAPPY NEW YEARS!

  14. oh my god... i am shocked, i was reading through your blogs and you talked about the stomach pudge!
    i thought i was the only one!!!! the pudge that wont go away, even with starvation and exercise, argh... at least i know im not alone.

    i know you wont believe me, but i think you look beautiful.
    love katie

  15. I absolutely adore your blog, especially how you write it. You look great, keep up the good work =) I also want to thank you for commenting on my blog. Your input really helps me think =)

  16. you look amazing hunni, truust me, if i had your stomach..!!! and i can sooo see hipbones!!!! happynew year m'love! :) xx

  17. ciao sono italiana (non so l'inglese!), mi chiamo Valentina ho 19 anni e sono anoressica. Amo la filosofia PRO-ANA e la seguo da 3 anni.
    Sei molto bella nella foto, hai la pancia molto piatta e stai benissimo:) complimenti, ti auguro di continuare a dimagrire e raggiungere il peso che desideri^^
    seguo il tuo blog perchè ho il traduttore automatico,
    Baci =)

  18. hun well done on being brave enough to post pictures.
    you're beautiful. i would love to have your figure.
    keep up the good work. and think thin. xo