Thursday, December 3, 2009

Keeping Motivation

All night Shaun showered me with compliments. All night Ana refuted them.
"You're beautiful," he'd say.
"You'll not be even close to beautiful until you lose 20 pounds," she'd whisper.
"You're tiny."
"Is he blind?! You're a cow!"
He refuted my complaints of being fat with, "No, you're not fat at all!"
"Ok, fine," i consented. "I'm not fat, but i could afford to lose at least 10 pounds."
"30," Ana hissed.
"There'd be nothing left," he said, putting his hand on my stomach.
"Oh yes there would! There'd be far too much left," Ana said.
I was glad that i was the only one that could hear her. He'd probably get upset and yell at her or smack her right out of my life. She was only trying to help, and i certainly wanted to keep her in my life.
I opened my mouth to argue with his assessment of my weight, but he put his hand over my mouth. "Shut up," he said in a teasing voice.
I giggled girlishly. "Make me," i challenged.
"Fine, i will." And he smothered me with a kiss that lasted for what seemed like forever.
I came away smiling. "Ok. That worked."
He pulled me over onto his lap.
"Fatty, you'll break his legs," Ana taunted. Why did she always try to ruin everything?
I pushed her away. "Shut up, Ana. I'm not doing anything wrong. I'm not eating, and i'm sticking to the ABC, so why the hell do you have to bother me?"
"To keep you motivation up," was her answer.


  1. If Ana was a physically real person I would hit her for what she said to you. What your bf said is true. I know Ana keeps you motivated but sometimes you have to tell her no and enjoy the time you have with your bf. I ended up losing a really good bloke because i put what Ana said before what he said. Be strong huni. I hope you are well. xxx

  2. reading your blogs are inspirational,
    i want to get to know ana like you, i need to, i need and want her help, the motivation like she gives you.

    stay strong xxx

  3. Aw, that was such a cute story! Are these actual events, or are they things you make up?

    Good luck sweetie!

    With love,


  4. u really are beautiful and i am so jealous or ur body. im glad shaun makes u happy

  5. Wow. I loove your stories. Ana sounds like such a gerat motivation for you. Wish i could hear her talking to me to..:(
    Stays trong :D

  6. Really cute story I wiish I had a boyfreind all I have is ana