Monday, November 30, 2009


Ewww. I have my period. I didn't use to get it... That means i'm too friggin' fat and i've gotta peel off A LOT of this weight! Unfortunately my period turns me into a raging binge-beast, but i'm not gonna let that stop me.
The plan is to fast today, and it's a perfect plan because no one's home all day. It's the first day of deer-hunting season and in my family that's better than Christmas. I'm the only one who doesn't hunt, so i've got the house to myself. I'm making it into a spa day: bubble bath, facial, manicure, pedicure, Celtic music, candles, lounging around the house in a fuzzy robe with cucumbers on my eyes. :) I haven't done a spa day in sooo long and my nails are hideous, so with all of those activities to keep me busy until i go to work i should be able to totally ignore food.
On top of that i'm not coming home tonight; i'm spending it with "Shaun." (It's fantastic that he knows we're not gonna have sex, but he still wants to spend the night with me.) I know he's not going to make me eat if i don't want to, so that means no late night binges cuz you know there's no way i'm gonna go out and raid his fridge. It also means i might be able to fast at least halfway through tomorrow, maybe all day tomorrow. I don't know; i'm still working at a plan for tomorrow's fast.
I'm rather happy and optimistic. Wish me luck, all you lovely skinny people. I LOVE YOU!

"If i eat anything, i'll eat everything, so i'll eat nothing." --That's my mantra for this fast.


  1. ooooh a spa day. I could use one of those! shaun sounds so seet! You're lucky =D. Have a nice day! Stay strong

  2. I'll join you:) I started a fast on Saturday. But had to eat last night cus I problly would have passed out:/ but nothing for today and hopfully tomorrow! Goodluck

  3. have fun pampering yourself, you deserve it.
    good luck on the fast, i know you'll do great.

    stay strong


  4. oh ya i started mine today as well... me and my BF are fighting and when i am upset i dont eat so today is day 2 of my fast YAY good luck luv:) Stay strong starve on

  5. aww have fun! :D good luck and stay strong!

  6. good luck on your fast hunni
    we're all here to support you.
    <3 xxxx

  7. Ohhh a spa day sounds so nice, and a really good distraction from eating! Good luck on your fast. : )

  8. i know u can do this girl. and ur boyfriend sounds like a doll. the spa day sounds amazing i need one lol

  9. oh dear this sounds so wonderful! first of all the spa day sounds like heaven, I wish my family would all leave the house at the same time haha.. and the fasting sounds like a brilliant plan, and it looks like you have it all worked out perfectly so there won't even be time to eat! have fun at mr. shauns, and that's so sweet of him to want you there even though he knows there's no sex, good luck with him (:
    so basically I'm so happy you're happy and i love love love you!!


    p.s. thank you for the wonderful comments, and I'm so glad to finally be back (:

  10. Same here periods can suck so bad they make you feel fatter cuz your bloated...I hadn't had mine in a while so its so painful i barely sleep at night...But some how I'll eat less when im on my period, plus i hope if i eat less while on my period maybe it may stop sooner...Good luck lovely...Stay strong let me know if you ever need a textin buddy