Wednesday, November 11, 2009

ABC Day 3

My stomach gurgled. "Damn," i cursed. "I'd hoped i'd wake up not hungry." My arms throbbed from the workout Ana had pushed them through yesterday. I sighed and stretched them, trying to relieve some of the pain.
"Good morning, beautiful," Ana said, slipping through my door. "Feeling shitty yet?"
"That's progress, you know?"
I smiled and let out a bit of a laugh. "Yes, i suppose it is. I wasn't complaining." I ran my hands over the ribs that were starting to poke through my flesh, then moved down to the hard little points of my hipbones. "I'm starting to get bony," i announced.
"I know it," Ana replied with a smile. "Keep listening to me as well as you have been and you'll be truly bony in no time." She reached out her arms to me and wrapped me up in them. "I love you, Jo."
"I love you too, Ana."


  1. Ha, "Feeling shitty yet?"
    That's a good line.

    Congratulations on the progress!

  2. First of all Shaun sounds like a really nice and sweet guy. And it is just so great that he doesent want to change your habits and didnt panic. I mean if i would tell it to some of my friends(who is a guy), he would probably freak out and like would be all you have to eat ec...

    Also thank you for your comment. I mean i literally hate average, meadium, in the middle. God it just greaps me out. I always want to be the best. The smartest, the nicest, the THINNEST, the happyest...

    You are doing such a good job. i cant wait until my hippbones start to show again.

    Make your dreams happen.

  3. you know if you wake up hungry it generally means that your metabolism has been working hard during that night, its a good thing :)

  4. ABC is fun once you get into it. I made up games on how to eat less food, like put dressing on my salad and any part that was touching the dressing didn't get eaten.

  5. Ugh, I hope you do better than me, because I just failed miserably.