Thursday, November 26, 2009

I Am Invincible

Hate-mailers: You're not going to stop me; you're not going to hurt me, so just stop.
I know i'm not thin. I never claimed to be. I know i'm not beautiful. I never claimed to be. I know i'm not anorexic. I never claimed to be.
I'm EDNOS; yes, i binge sometimes; yes, i fail a lot. But i also do have issues with food. I've had amazing fast days, and amazing success. I'm in a slump right now, yes, but i'm going to get out of it. I'm going to fix myself, and i am going to be thin.
If you don't like my blog, don't read it, rather than posting comment after stupid, catty, annoying comment. I've got people who do appreciate what i do on here, so i'm not going to let those of you who don't bother me. You might as well stop trying.
Basically what i'm trying to say, in a nice and eloquent manner, is fuck off.
I leave you with this line from the all-amazing Fall Out Boy: "I don't care what you think as long as it's about me; the best of us can find happiness in misery."

Everyone else, i apologize for the rant. Love you much!


  1. Don't pay those idiots any attention. That's the biggest reason I've kept my site private after all these years...

    It doesn't make a bit of difference what your diagnosis may or may not be; just do you--by any means necessary.

  2. yeah dont bother listening to them, just use their negativity to your advantage and show em how great you can do.
    and yes you ARE thin AND beautiful. whether or not you see it, im pretty sure the rest of us do. i am envious of your body.
    dont worry im not coming onto you...

    or am i ?.... lol jk
    your a great person, you just need to worry about you and not someone who doesnt have the balls to write a comment under their own screen name and instead uses anonymous.
    hang in there


  3. Ah, FOB, modern day prophets...
    Scarlet <3

  4. I'm sorry you're getting hatemailers... it sucks when people outside invade something that while so public is also very private.
    And you ARE thin and beautiful AND you have epic stomach muscles.
    So there =]
    Love you xxx

  5. Dont listen to them hun - you're better then them. Show them you can do it, use this at motivation :) I dont understand why haters read this?? If they dont like it, its really not that difficult to get out of.. Hmm, this is just silly.
    Glad you're not listening to their bullshit.
    Love xx

  6. Hun!! A piece of advice? Just ignore the hate-mailers... Simply erase the comments that you don't like and don't waste any more energy on people who, obviously, doesn't have a life of their own... You are perfect as you are. And that includes the fasting, the binging and everything you do... You just have to put a little more effort, that's all... Stay strong!! You'll get where you want to be!!
    Lots of kisses from far away,

  7. dont worry about them. ill bet there are fat and just jealous of u.

  8. No need to apologise a good old rant is great for everyone :) Gotta let out steam some how :). Stay stong xx

  9. I got an awful comment on my Livejournal account once, but rather than letting it upset me, I would look at it whenever I felt weak. It would inspire me to push harder, to prove them wrong, to make me happy. You can get to your goal weight, so ignore the haters. You have some amazing support on here and we all want you to succeed and be happy. xx

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