Sunday, November 22, 2009

Binge--Or the Absence Thereof

I watched her from across the room, trying not to look too disgusted. It'd be rude to smack her... She unwrapped a sixth Twix bar and bit into it. "It's like she's possessed by C," i whispered to Ana. "She does this every time i see her. She's just constantly eating junk."
Ana was hiding her eyes. "It's disgusting; i can't even watch."
Poor girl; we really shouldn't talk about her like that. I'm sure she wasn't all there mentally, but still. FIVE candy bars and two bags of chips! And all in the span of a half hour. She couldn't possibly be anything but reverse thinspo. Even the non-ED people in the room were beginning to look at her strangely.
I tried not to stare, but i really couldn't stop myself. "I won't binge anymore, Ana," i promised. "I don't ever want to get that bad." Public binges... I shuddered at the thought.


  1. Public binges! They're the most confusing concept in the world! Like... at restaurants and stuff; entrees have AT LEAST 1,000 calories, usually MUCH more. And how does society accept that as not binging? It's bullshit.

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  3. ive never understood how ppl cann binge on that much stuff. and in public yet.

  4. wow. thats crazy. Where was this? I've definitely public purged..which may be just as bad but whatever I wanted the food out of me. I've def never eaten a bunch of junk in front of people.

  5. Hmmm. I'm definitely a fan of healthy people eating whatever they want to, but that seems... excessive. All right, downright disgusting. It's certainly possible that she has binge eating disorder. Eating in public terrifies me, anyway.

    Stay in control!

  6. Hiya. I just found your blog today and I read it all.
    I love it (:
    You're a fantastic writer!

  7. Watching people eat loads in public really helps put me off. If I eat with people it puts me off... but I just hate eating with them.
    Glad to hear you were strong and better than the binger :)
    I know you are.
    Love you hunnnn xoxox

  8. Oh sheesh. It's hard for me to take Communion anymore, let alone eat lunch or BINGE in front of anyone for goodness sake.... How can people get up in the morning, go about their business, and not be disgusted by the mirror after a "meal" like that?!? Crazy.

    I'm so glad you resolved to stop bingeing, it'll be so good for you! Now if I could only do the same.... Stay strong!! :)