Monday, November 9, 2009

Proving Myself

"You're not doing enough!" Ana shouted at me. "You've got to do more. This isn't supposed to be effortless; it's supposed to be hard work. You're supposed to obsess over it, count Calories, exercise your ass off. All you do is ignore food."
"But i thought that was a good thing."
"No! It's not good enough. You've got to prove yourself to me."
I shook my head. "I'm so confused. I thought i was doing well. What do you want from me? How am i to prove myself?"
"Start obsessing, start counting Calories, start exercising 'till you drop. Pick up that old food and exercise journal and fill it in. Restart ABC."
I sighed. "Ana, you're insane."
"So are you," she laughed. "You want my help don't you?"
I nodded.
"Then you have to do what i ask of you."
"Fine," i said, "i'll prove myself."


  1. If you are loosing weigt you are doing good.
    but exercising is a good thing you donat want to end up beeing skinny-fat
    but who am i to say that you should exercise i havent exercised so long.

    Make your dreams happen...

  2. exercising will really help you tone up. good luck hun!

  3. good luck, honey <3
    it ain't that difficult if you're determined :)
    hughug ♥

  4. Even though i don't comment majority of the time i always read your blog. x

  5. awe, it sounded like u were doing fine with just ignoring food. u seemed happier.