Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Cry for Help

I need thinspiraton. I need something to make me stop eating shit... It's getting me so depressed... Can anyone help me?


  1. Models I'm currently using for thinspo:

    and now some reverse thinspo writing about a guy who challenged himself to have sex with a fat woman:
    Now it’s not that I mind Barry Manilow all that much, but a more appropriate musical accompaniment to the night’s activities would have been the theme from 'Raiders of the Lost Ark.' The thing was—and my insistence that we leave no more than the bathroom light on was definitely a contributing factor—I could not for the life of me find Peggie’s love tunnel. I’d heard that this was a common occurrence with very fat women, and especially with very fat women under poor lighting conditions, but it still took a lot longer than I would have expected. What was compounding the problem? Simply put, Peggie’s body could have served as a Special Forces training ground for the field of hazards and challenges it presented. I’m speaking of the twisting climbs and sudden valleys, the crags, the craters and the amazing plenitude of gullies, ravines and bogs that I was, on my hands and knees, obliged to negotiate and traverse in my search for the motherlode. A dismaying project to begin with, my progress was further impeded by an extraordinary number of ambiguous fissures and crevices that, not quickly identifiable, required time-consuming investigation and study. You wouldn’t believe how many deceptive nooks and seductive crannies I came across. In fact, at one point, when I felt for sure that I’d located and entered the secret cave, I discovered, to my chagrin, that I’d inserted myself into what was only a fold of fiercely perspiring epidermis. What’s more, I realized, when I looked up, that I was seriously lost in some apparently outlying district of Peggie’s anatomy.

    And then everything here:

    but especially the Alice series by Mollycoddles. There's another like it, that I need to find, but they're disgusting, dude. They make me want to vomit when I see food.

  2. yes! on my blog list there is a blog called thinspiration for life. its freaking amazing. it keeps me occupied for hours!

    stay strong!

  3. i like to look up what the government standards are for the stuff they allow in our food, like rat hair,rat droppings,beetles, oh yeah and maggots. just look for a facts list on your search engine. theres some gross stuff that we dont even realize were eating. peanut butter for example is allowed 30 insect fragments and one or more rodent hairs per 100 grams. if that wont keep you from eating i dont know what will.lol

    stay strong


  4. I'm having the same issue right now...

  5. I love watching thinspo videos on youtube. good pictures and music, plus it keeps you in front of the computer and out of the fridge

  6. Please, please, PLEASE don't misunderstand me here. I'm really not trying to be a bitch. But to be honest... well, you don't seem to be eating disordered. Reading through your blog, it seems like you overeat 2 out of 3 days. (It's possible that you don't post the everyday successes as much, but that's what your blog reads like.) Anyway, it seems like you rationalize your overeating by saying, "Well, I'm eating disordered... so it's okay," when in reality you might not be disordered. Anorectics/EDNOS people binge, but not nearly as much as you do.

    Think about it. You glamorize "Ana" so much, but is it turning out to be what you expected? Are you realizing that "thinking thin" doesn't make you thin? You say you're uninspired. I think you're unenchanted. You've realized that marking yourself as "pro-ana" doesn't make you instantly thin, and you don't want this anymore.

    You also say you want someone to make you stop. Honey, no one can make you stop eating but yourself, and that's all it comes down to.

    I'm sure you feel awful now. I'm sure you hate me. I'm sure you think I'm a self-righteous bitch who doesn't have a clue what she's talking about, who doesn't know a thing about you. I'm truly sorry, but I think you need to hear this.

    And one last thing... YOU CAN WALK AWAY. You are not obligated to continue this blog or these eating habits. It will take time to learn to love yourself again, but you can do it, and you are worth it.

    Feel free to flame me, hate me, swear at me in your next entry, whatever. I don't mind.

    Best wishes,