Monday, November 2, 2009

I've Been Gone for Far too Long...

It's been a while since i last posted, but i assure you, it's not because i've been doing badly. I've actually been doing quite well (except i do need to start exercising again). Halloween was a bit of a fail, but i had planned for that as i was hanging with my one friend who knows about my ED and thinks that shoving insane amounts of food down my throat will make me better... Yeah, i don't know where she gets that idea, but whatever. So, i'm back on track. I know i told Marc i'd join his fast, but i just don't think that i can, not with my parents and my friends as watchful as they are. I think i might try ABC again. I'm kind of tired of not having a plan and just going with as few Calories as i can. It's getting boring. Haha. So I'm starting ABC today; anyone with me?

I'll be reading and commenting on all your lovely blogs now. Much love to everyone.


  1. Yeees, I want to start ABC again :D My mother has been pretty watchful lately as well... it's sooo annoying!
    Congrats, nice to know that you're doing well. I've been a bad bad girl in the past 7 days so it
    s time to change that.
    Stay strong. Missed you :)

  2. sure i'll start with you :) i miss you so you better start posting soon!

    500 cal no more :)

  3. Yay Im glad to hear you've been doing well (aside from halloween but its a holiday so to be expected!)
    and yes, yes, yes for ABC!!! I've been meaning to get myself back on it again cos I love playing with strict numbers! I'm absolutely with you! xx

  4. The soup is actually very very good! I love it. If u google cabbage soup diet it tells u exactly what u can eat in those seven days. Its not just cabbage soup thank god, cuz that may get boring lol.

  5. thanks for your comment. you are a ispiration to me as i have said many times. but anyways

    i hope you are doing good on your ABC. i am also doinf kind of a bootcamp but with my own calorie counts. i mean it depends how many classes i have. becasue i cant let my stomac crowl doring school and boy my stomach is loud. Dam

    anywasy hope you are doing googd

    Make your dreams happen...

  6. I actually have to get into a bit of reading. Not exactly sure what ABC is. I read about it on blogs, yes, but I'm a bad holding infos in my head :P
    I wasn't able to fast, either. :/

    So I hope your ABC goes well, keep us posted! And I will go inform myself about ABC now :)

  7. I'll start with you! I've been thinking about doing it for a while. It may be hard to get it past my mother though! Stay strong