Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Oh Shit!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving... and i'm going to my gram's house. My parent's are ok-ish with my weird eating, but my gram is NOT. She'll stuff sooo much food down my throat, especially tomorrow... Everyone else in the world is so excited for this big holiday, and yet, i'm afraid of it. I don't want it to happen. Oh shit, what am i gonna do? I'm seriously having a panic attack over it. There's no way i'm gonna be able to avoid gravy... or stuffing... UGH! How am i gonna do this?! I can't... I've been good for two days, and now i'm forced to ruin it. Oh, dear Ana, what am i to do? Crap, i'm crying and i haven't even eaten anything yet. What the hell is wrong with me? Does anyone know how i can avoid all that food?


  1. just enjoy thanksgiving and then come do abc with us friday!

  2. Well, after getting the food, "dissapear" AKA dump food, then come back, get more food (all the healthy stuff you can find) and pick at it. Whenever gram offers you something, just say ok, right after you finish this because it's too good to put down. Keep stalling and picking until she gives up.
    If the above doesn't work, eat half of what you get and claim being stuffed. Try a one day fast and laxies or something to get rid of the food. I reccommend bringing laxies just in case, they've really helped me in some clutch moments.
    Good luck and happy thanksgiving!!!
    Scarlet <3

  3. Aw hun. It's hard I know. I'm so glad I live in the UK. You could not eat for the whole day and then eat 3/4 of what's on your plate.
    Claim you feel ill.
    Or just eat it. 2000 calories at most from that one meal and that's minimum of what normal people eat in a day.
    You'll be ok :)
    Love you xox

  4. oh that sucks. im so glad that canadas thanksgiving is over with lol.

  5. I have the same probelm as you. I'm going to let myself binge. I know that around family and the food i'm going to eat. But then i'm doing a 10 day fast after ward and 3 months worth of diets. If ytou want to check them out.

    go to the calendar section! Good luck xxxx

  6. fake a stomach sickness... or say your a vegetarian...i dont really know.hmmm, if anything just try and snag a salad plate instead of a dinner plate so that it looks like you have more food on your plate than you really do. good luck and dont worry to much, try to enjoy yourself and your family.
    stay strong


  7. Well technically not everyone in the world was excited for this holiday...I wasn't, because not EVERYONE lives in America/Canada...those countries being the only ones [that i know of] to celebrate such a holiday. Just sayin'