Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wednesday.. You Know What That Means...

Eww.. Today's results day... I gotta admit it's been totally fail. I'm definately fatter now. Yesterday was the first day i actually behaved all week, but i still went up to 930 Cals. Can anyone say TOO FREAKIN' MUCH?! I did work out yesterday though, so my thighs and abs are on fire, which is amazing. I swear, i'll be skinny by next results day. Sorry for the yucky pictures, but i gotta put them up. (It's like my punishment.) Please don't even comment on them. I mean i love comments, but not about these pictures... Yeah.


  1. i know u said dont comment but damn girl. ur stomach is incredible. even though im "recovering" i am still trying to tone my body up. im gonna make sundays my "result day" and instead of going by weight im going to go by inches because ive been gaining muscle. good luck! and u look great i am so jealous.

  2. Okay. The first picture just freaked me out.
    You...seriously look like someone i used to go to high school with, but I think you're not old enough?
    Talk about getting hopes up, though. I adored her so much.

    I like the hipbones in the first :3 I think you'll do better this week!

  3. You're looking good!