Thursday, January 28, 2010

Poem and Pictures

The one good thing that does come from my depressed times is beautiful poems and pictures to go with the poems. You all probably remember my "Circus Clown: Take A Bow" post from September when i was madly bingey and depressed. Well, here's another, similar thing. The poem is called "Insane Asylum" but the pictures tend more to zombie. I'm not sure if the pictures fit the poem, but yet i kinda think they do... What do you all think?

Insane Asylum

My skin begs for the blade.
My wrists want to bleed.
Pain is my only desire,
Masochism my only need.

Blood, cuts, pain!
Give me that sweet release!
Open the veins:
Grant me that relief.

But they took my knives
And hid them all away.
“This is for your own good,”
I heard them say.

But they lied to me
In their pretty white coats,
And they couldn’t see
That what I needed was a rope.

The man in the pretty white coat
Told me a pretty white lie
And tried to convince me
That I didn’t want to die.

But I’m not convinced,
And I still want to hurt.
They’ll never persuade me
That I don’t belong in six feet of dirt.

Load me up on pills
To kill all my pain.
Fill me to the brim with medication
Until I’ll never be the same.

Call me crazy:
It’s all too true.
Label me “clinically insane”
As I make my face go blue.

You can’t make me breathe
Though you took all other forms of death.
I can still suffocate myself;
I don’t deserve breath.

Away with your lies,
Away with your cures!
Bury me in a deep grave,
And I’ll rest forevermore.


  1. The pictures fit. They kinda scare the crap out of me.... no offense.... You look amazing anyway, you collar bone is to die for. Did i just make a pun? Your poem is beautiful btw. I hope you fell better soon. <3 xx

  2. hey hun.

    The poem made me almost cry( what is a big deal because last time i cryed was last summer and only a few tears, i really cant cry).
    it was so sad and at the same time so true.
    You cant make me breath...
    i loved that part.

    And the pictures look amaizing i just love that dark a bit twisted zombe like look. it goes with my mood at the moment.

    Hope we both will feel a bit better tomorrow.


  3. Lovely poetry, and very moving pictures...Thank you for posting.

    Oh, and...

    Your eyes are amazing. :)

    Hang in there, love. <3

  4. I really like your poem, you definitely have a nack for it.
    Hope you feel better soon though hun!

  5. First of all, I love your poem. I love anything that's real, and doesn't try to fluff things up to make them pretty and perfect. The truth is, when life sucks, you don't want to deal with it anymore!

    But I'm glad you ARE dealing with it. That you're not giving up. It's too hard to have gone through all of this to not come out having reached your goal and won the fight against perfection.

    And... Your pictures are fantasmic. Your eye-shadow / mascara melting is AWESOME.
    (It's neat that you have so many creative outlets. <3)

  6. I so understand this post! The images are great I can truly understand the whole thing!

    Hugs my friend... x

  7. beautiful poem. you're really good at expressing yourself through art. cheer up hun, the sun's still shining :)

  8. beautiful poem. i'm kinda crying on the inside.. </3 and niceee collar bones (:

  9. ur poem is very good girl! the best poems come from pain.

  10. I've been fighting anorexia for 10 years. It's hard. I've finally started eying more than ten calories a day and I pray that you are able to see how this disease can kill you and that you soon want to fight it. Fighting is hard, sometimes I hate myself for fighting it. But I want to live.