Friday, January 29, 2010


Dearest Ana,

Where have you gone? It seems you've taken a vacation of some sorts without telling me. I realize that it must be hard working with someone as failure-prone as myself, and i also realize that you certainly deserve a wonderful relaxing vacation for putting up with me for so long. However, i'm writing to you on your lovely little food-free vacation island to implore you to come back to me. I really can't go on without you. I fail even worse when you're not next to me screaming at me to put the bad food away. I feel horrid for asking you to come back from your vacation early, but i really need you. I promise you can go back on vacation for twice as long just as soon as you've whipped me back into shape and helped me to find my control again. I'll even pay for you to go back--first class and everything! Just please, please come back to me; i need you.


My Darling Jo,

The only reason i ever left was to wait for you to tell me those very words. In fact, i'm not truly enjoying this vacation as i'm too busy worrying about all the horrid things you've probably put into your mouth already. I'm on my way back as i write, and i'm sure i'll be by your side by the end of the day, just when it gets hardest for you to keep in control. Stay strong, and wait for me before you even go into the kitchen!

All my Love,


  1. this actually made me feel a bit emotional. i love the style in which you write in.
    stay strong hun. xxxxx

  2. This is so well written love. You capture this world better than anyone else I believe. Personally I think you should write a book ; )
    I LOVED your poem in the last post by the way! And those pictures were amazing. You're so hauntingly beautiful <3
    Stay strong <3

  3. I love this post Jo! You really know how to put over things that always run in my mind.

    Dear Jo,

    Remember even with your best friend Ana, you still have friends that care and love you! So remember you can also lean on us as well, when you feel low or out of control.

    All our love,

    All your blog friends

  4. I adore this. I can actually envision her on a little plane, flying high above tumultuous ocean waters, on her way back to you, back to her faithful follower. You can do this. Wait for her.

    I recently experienced my first e-hater comment on one of my blog posts...Of course, it was anonymous...Apparently, with great words of contempt and disdain for my life choices comes cowardice and the inability to stand behind one's criticisms. Either way, this person knew not what he/she was actually doing. Motivate me some more, would you? For all of the reasons you hate me, a complete stranger, Ana loves me. Thank you, anonymous blogger, for fortifying my strength. If my will-power is enough to piss you off to the point of writing horrible things about me, I must be doing *some*thing right. ;)

    You'll make it, love. She will return. I'm rooting for you. :)

  5. ANA è vicina a te e non ti abbandonerà MAI! tu però mettici tutto il tuo impegno e vincerai! <3bacio

  6. Seriously, you're just so talented. You should write a book. Good luck, I'm sure everything will be better soon!

  7. If you really are planning on fasting, I hope that your first days of it go smoothly- they are definitely the hardest. <3

  8. hunny i think she left me too:( and i need her back. i got some all natural slimming patches. They stop hunger and cravings. I had them when i was eight and i wouldnt eat a thing all day cuz u feel liek u just ate. Ill let u know if they still have that affect on me. they are bell ezee slimming patch.

  9. Aww best of luck with today hun. And thank you for your comments :). Stay strong. xx

  10. Thank you for this post. You have inspired me to write a letter to ana my self. I'm going to leave it right here for now. Hope you don't mind.

    Dear ana thank you for being there for me today. I almost lost control. I almost ate an apple for breakfast. Almost ate at lunch. Almost drank a frapachino. I almost had the most discusting takeout food ever created. Pizza. But at last you said i must only have a hand full of fries with a sauce and pills. Thank you. You keep me strong and your making me beautiful. I love you. Please never leave me except when you need to remind me how much your worth.

  11. Aww, this is so lovely. And I'm sure you'll do great with Ana back! I love your writing style. You should write a little book with all your posts! Stay strong love

    By the way, my blog no longer shows up on the updater thing.. buuut, I'm still posting