Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dinner Out

I stared at the screen of my cell phone in horror. I'm buyin u lunch/dinner for ur birthday. And u gotta get something other than a salad. His words seemed impossible. "Damn, Jon, i thought we were friends..." i muttered as i replied with an Ok to make it seem like no big deal.
"What am i gonna do, Ana?" i asked as my hands shook. (Panic attacks over food are not fun at all.)
"First off, settle the fuck down! Breathe."
I nodded, and did my best to obey. "Ok, but then what?!"
She laughed a little bit. "You're not listening to me, sweetie. Chill. It's not that hard. You just gotta pick a restaurant and do your research on it. Find the most low-cal, non-salad and get that. You can even eat only half of it if you need to. Now settle yourself down and pick a restaurant."
I nodded and typed a restaurant name into the search bar on my computer. "Nutrition," i whispered and clicked the button. "Low fat options. Awesome." I clicked that button. "Woah... How does something with 760 Calories make it into the low fat section? 480... That shouldn't sound like a lot, but it does..." I kept browsing. "Ok, best option that i'd actually be able to get away with at Olive Garden is the Venetian Chicken at 280 Calories at lunch or 380 Calories at dinner."
I typed in another restaurant name and browsed those options. "Ugh. Forget it. I can't find anything. He won't let me get soup."
Ana laughed again. "Jo, CHILL! Just go with the chicken and you'll be fine." She hugged me. "You can do this, girl. You'll be fine."
I sighed. "Ok. You're right. I've got this."

Food Journal:

Yet to come...


  1. Awww this is tough. My boyfriend insisted on making dinner today and I haven't eaten all day so I thought it would be fine. I walked in the kitchen and he was frying the celery and carrots in butter!! I nearly had a panic attack. Not good. Luckily I managed to push most of it onto his plate and give him 1 of the 2 bits of chicken towards the end.
    Stay strong girl. :) xxxxxx

  2. Make sure you get lots of napkins! You can chew/spit into them when he isn't paying attention. I have faith in you! Worse come to worse, you picked a good meal if you have to eat it all. So many restaurant foods end up being over a 1000 cals a plate! Yucky.

  3. chicken is pretty low cal. Don't be worried! Drink lost of water and eat slow. I've missed you!!!

  4. Hi, I'm relatively new to writing on the pro-ana blog scene, but I've been reading your blog for awhile and find you a huge inspiration, just thought you should know

  5. Happy birthday as well! :)
    Ana can help us through anything, don't you think?
    Stay strong, hope the lunch/dinner works out. x