Monday, January 11, 2010

Birthday, Status Updates... Blah

"So, how does it feel?" Ana asked me.
"How does what feel?" was my confused answer.
She rolled her eyes. "How does it feel to be the oldest, fattest, laziest, AND most useless that you've ever been?"
The day before had been my 19th birthday, and it'd been yet another binge day. I knew i hadn't worked out in over a week, and i knew that to Ana, i was completely useless. "Not so great," i said softly.
"I didn't think so," she answered bitterly. "We need to get you skinny. What do you say to a new plan?"
I nodded. "Yes, please."
"Good. Three meals a day; no snacks. Every day under 1,001 Calories. Breakfast and lunch should average out to be no more than 500; so should dinner. Your food journal gets posted on your blog every evening at the end of that day's entry. You're going to take up running again, and you're going to do strength training. An hour of some sort of exercise every day. Mondays are results days now. You'll post 2 pictures and all your measurements on your blog. We'll see if the loss goes fast enough with this diet and alter the plan when or if we need to. Yes?"
I nodded again. "Ok."
"Not so hard, right?"
"Not hard. It might even pass by Shaun."
She snorted. "Who cares if it passes him or not? In the end, no matter what, i'm sure he'd rather have a skinny girlfriend."
And i couldn't help but agree.

So... Pictures (Try not to throw up...):

Measurements (Try not to mock me):

Chest: 34 inches Waist at belly button: 29.5 inches Hips: 34.5 inches
Butt: 36.5 inches Thigh: 19.5 inches Calf: 13.5 inches
Bicep: 11.5 inches Forearm: 9.75 inches Wrist: 6 inches

Food journal (Yep, i eat really random stuff at night):

Breakfast- 1 egg & 1 piece toast- 130 Cals
Lunch- 6 oz light yogurt & 1 apple- 160 Cals
Dinner- Peanut butter sandwich, Cheerios w/ skim milk, Dill pickle- 480 Cals
Total: 770 Calories

Exercise: 60 min resistance training and stretches


  1. Our measurements are actually incredibly similar.

    I think that sounds like a good plan.

  2. 1k cals def shouldnt be that hard. you can do that

  3. you're looking good already, keep up the good work. &don't beat yourself up too much about binges. stay strong.


  4. Happy birthday girlie!
    Your stats are nowhere NEAR as bad as mine so chill

  5. You can do that plan easy. You've done less before haven't you? Please don't hurt yourself with a knife I read that post and it scared me and I only know you through your blog. You can do this! Think Thin...Love J x

  6. Your new plan definately sounds more sustainable. Once you get in the swing of things, and start exersising hard again, I'm sure you'll find restricting will come easier. I always do. You'll get your control back! And, as always, I think you look great. I'm going to try and post pictures soon too, yours help thinspire me every week!

    Happy Birthday!!!

  7. Looks like you have a good system and the fact you will be eating three times a day, you may not binge, so I wish you all the luck and look forward on your updates on how you are doing! x

  8. god you look awesome. whats your weight if you dont mind , dont answer if you dont want to. i was just wondering because you make me look like a blimp lol(i am anyways). i would kill for your sides. my love handles have taken legs are looking really good to. it wont take you long at all to lose weight .
    stay strong and good luck, i know you'll do fabulous.


  9. Happy Birthday :D
    Make this year of yours a new start xox

  10. Wow. i think you look awesome. Your abs are in great shape and so flat. Jealous....but love your blog all the same!

  11. PS i love "Sweeney Todd" too!

  12. our measurements are the same :) you are beautiful just the way you are!