Wednesday, January 20, 2010

iPods and Tattoos

The alarm went off for the tenth time, and i rolled over and turned it off, switching the time it would go off yet again. "Jo!" Ana protested.
I sighed. "What?" i asked sleepily.
"You have to get up so you have time to work out before you go to hang out with Jacob."
I shook my head. "I'm too tired. You had me up all night last night with your damn insomnia."
"Up now!" she insisted
"Ana, i can't work out. I'm too tired. Besides, if i work out, i might rub something against my new tattoo* and mess it up." Lame excuses.
"Get up!"
"Shut up. I want to go back to sleep for another half hour." It was rude and horrid of me, but i'd said it anyway. I'd never been much of a morning person.
Ana looked injured, but i barely noticed because i was still in the process of closing my eyes. "Fine," she muttered. "You go right ahead and go to sleep; we'll see who wins this."
But i was already gone and didn't hear a word she said.

The alarm went off for the final time, and i finally accepted the fact that i had to wake up. I got to my feet, rubbing my eyes. I stumbled out to the kitchen sleepily and took care to touch only the water. Then i went back and got in the shower. It never crossed my mind or seemed odd that Ana was being so quiet until i reached for my iPod.
"Ana, do you know where my iPod is?" i asked.
She laughed. "Same place your workout is."
"What's that supposed to mean."
"It means, dumbass, that you can't have your iPod unless you work out."
I groaned. "Are you kidding me?! You're crazy. I can't do my makeup without my music."
"Well, then you're going to have to learn. Or perhaps, you could just listen to me from now on."
She'd struck a sore spot, something more sore than the new tattoo on my side. I couldn't function without my iPod and she knew it. Tomorrow i would most definitely be listening to and following every word she said.

*the tattoo is the thing i was so excited for a couple days ago but wouldn't say. I guess it doesn't much matter as i put up pictures of it on myspace so anyone can really find out. The only issue is that my parents just might kill me if they find out. Lol. Anyway, here's a couple pics of it (ignore my fatness; i'm working on fixing that):

Brandon has his tattoo license, so he did it for me. Once he gets his new, more expensive ink, he's gonna go over it again. Can't wait! I love the feeling of the needle vibrating against my skin... Hmm maybe i should only allow him to go over it again if i don't fail Ana. Excellent motivation!


  1. cute tat,
    did she give you back your ipod? ;)

  2. That is so cool. i just love it.
    i am so jelouz.
    I just adore tattoos. i am going to get my first one when i reach my goal weight. I cant wait.
    i just have to figure out what i want to d on my body.

  3. that is AWESOME! i cant wait till i get mine.
    i love the positioning, i plan on getting mine on my back.
    stay strong

  4. Sei bellissima e MAGRA*-* anche il tatuaggio è molto bello=)

  5. that tatoo looks so nice hun. i am defo gettin one wwhen am i little older.
    KeppStrong!! & thats defo a good motivation, only let him go over, if you've listened to ana!
    :D goodluck! xxx

  6. Tattoo! Cool looks good...

    I've been wanting one done for a long time, but I keep getting body piercing LOL x

  7. ur so pretty, love your tattoo.

  8. ohhh my goshh! I'm SO jealous! I want one sooo bad! it looks great though! haha I hope you got your ipod back.. I mainly only listen to mine at night in bed, I lovee music!