Sunday, January 24, 2010

Quick Update... Too Tired for More

Tomorrow i'll begin ABC yet again, but this time, i've got a rewards system all planned out. For every day i succeed, i'll buy myself a new song for my iPod; for every week i succeed, i'll buy myself a new album for my iPod. Even better: i can only listen to my iPod on days when i work out. I think it was a stroke of brilliance! Hopefully i'll stick with it this time. Stay strong, my dears.

Also, E's blog, Shooting Silver for the Moon is now going to be private. Her parents found it. If you follow her or would like to begin following her, send her an email at


  1. that sounds great, im also thinking of doing a rewards system where every week i lose one pound i get $10 to spend on new clothes(i shop cheap).and if i lose 2 pounds in one week i get 15 and so on lol. i know youll do great.
    stay strong

  2. That sounds really good. Best of luck hun x

    "In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity"

  3. Aww, good luck! that sounds like a great plan! you'll do lovely. stay strong love


  4. I started the ABC today and guess what - I couldn't refuse a small chocolate at the office! I ate today the exactly planned fruits but now I regret the chocolate...

    Wish U luck on ABC !

  5. Reward systems seem to work well... mine would if I ever lost any weight, anyway. @_@

  6. great motivation!
    Hope it works out for you <3