Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thinspo and Whining

If i could stop being a bingetastic failure, i'm sure i'd feel a lot better. I'm on my period so, no, that doesn't really help, but it's also NOT an excuse. I've got to get my act back together somehow. Any idea's anyone? What helps you get your motivation back when all you do is depressively eat?

Here's a thinspo to make up for my whining and general fail-ness. Enjoy, my dears:

And Just So Ya'll Know:


  1. Hi, lovely girl!! This is not the first time I write you, so you must know I'm not pro-ana... But I thought maybe I could tell you what I do when my mind is telling me I'm too tired to workout (and I know: I don't workout very very much, and I don't starve like you, but any way... It might help) I start thinking this: "I workout to have a nice body that I can be proud of, right? Yes! So, I'm going to get my ass off this freaking chair and I'm going to go and workout JUST FOR ME and nobody else but me! I'm going to do it because I WANT A BODY THAT MAKES ME happy." Reading your blog, I sometimes wonder who do u do all of this for... Don't do it for a guy or even Ana... Do it for YOU and just for YOU.
    Lots of kisses and hugs for you, sweetie!
    And I know you can do it!! =)

  2. First of all? Thanks for the Avril thinspo. :D

    Secondly, when I'm stuck in a train of binge eating and regrets, these are the things that keep me from continuing it the most:

    1. I get rid of my car keys. Hide them somewhere, so that I can't go out and get Taco Bell or something else fat-tastic.
    2. I go out with someone to the mall, movies, or children's section of the library. None of these places make me hungry, and as long as I tell my friend I've recently eaten, going out to eat isn't an option either. Also, each of these places will have super-skinny people to remind me that I'm not perfect yet!
    3. I know it sounds lame, but: I take a really hot shower, which makes me really sleepy, so I take a nap. Then, I'm not eating, and when I wake up I won't be tempted anymore.

    I hope some of that helps! :)

  3. Hi, Thanks for the thinspo, its really motivational,
    Please could someone give me some tips on how to hide not eating from your parents and how to avoid bingeing its sooo hard,
    thank you
    Stay strong :)

  4. trying to get back on track after a binge is so hard. and if your on your period trying to get back on track its nearly impossible! if anything try planning out exactly what your going to eat ahead of time and eat small amounts throughout the day till your period is over. oh and exercise will help get rid of any cramps. dont be too hard on yourself, willpower goes out the window for all of us when the monthly friend arrives.
    stay strong

  5. I noticed alot of Avril Lavigne in there, I love her. Thanks for that lot honey. Especially the one that said 'because everyone thinks I can't do it.'

    You'll get there honey, everything's always harder when it's that time of the month.

    Just don't give up xXx

  6. I was had like a week long binge a week ago but I finally got out of it by writing my weight on the hand I eat with with a permanent marker. Whenever I eat I see and put down the food instantly. Plus if someone asks you could say its a reminder of some sort. I also promised myself that by the time the permanent market fades I'll be under that weight. Just thought I'd share cuz it worked for me so mybe it'll work for you. :)

  7. Aww thnx for the encouragement-I know exactly how you feel about the depressive eating.

    I have been watching this video and I just started watching gossip girl online.

    I am fasting tomorrow. You could join me if you want. Take care Luv YA!!


  8. Jo you have it there in you! You just have to have faith in yourself and know that we all have faith in you.

    You coming down to hard on yourself, which only make you feel worse and makes things harder for yourself!

    I know it's easy for me to say that to you sweet, which is funny as I should also say it to myself.

    Just remember you are not doing this alone and you will do it!

    Love the pixs you posted up..

    Hugs xxx

  9. Nice thinspo! Some of these were completely new to me too.

    Stay strong.

    ~ anonymous ana ~

  10. Awesome thinspo. Except that Avril's all fat now. :(

  11. yupp cuz pro ana size 0, models, and supermodels EXIST. im in half full thinking pro ana mode right now.

    stay strong