Sunday, January 17, 2010

Randomly Happy Post

Today was horrid... But somehow, i'm in an insanely good mood. I have no idea how it happened, but i'm not gonna complain. Maybe it's because i know tomorrow is going to be absolutely fantabulous! It is: i swear it is. I'm gonna skip the stair-step diet and jump right back into the ABC because this time, i KNOW i can do it. Ana will help me, and i will blog about all the exciting things that happen to me on the ABC diet. YAY! I'm actually really excited to start it, which hasn't happened in a while, so that's definitely a good sign, right?
It rained all day today; i let the rain wash away all my past failures and now i am new, clean, fresh, and a-raring to go. :)
I'm also writing up a grocery list of stuff i want my mom to buy for me when she goes grocery shopping tomorrow (unfortunately i can't do my own grocery shopping). I'm putting all kinds of veggies and fruits on it. She's really good about buying me stuff i ask for when it comes to food, so that should be awesome.
Even better, tomorrow i'm going to hang out with Brandon, who it turns out, i am more compatable with in terms of friendship than in terms of dating, so we'll have a good time there. And i have to be careful what i say on here because certain people have found this and are reading it, but i'll just say that something else very exciting is going to be happening for me tomorrow as well. It's something i've been wanting for a long time, and finally am getting, so yay!
I hope you all are doing great and feeling as happy as i am. Stay strong, think thin, and keep trying. I know we're all gonna reach our goals soon!
I'm going to leave you with some eye-candy, which is much better than actual candy that packs on nasty, nasty pounds. Here's a lovely picture of my lovely man. He's beautiful; i don't care if you agree or not. Lol

Smiles and sunshine to all of you lovely people.


  1. I think I'm starting abc tomorrow too! Yay! Whoo! Good luck :)

  2. Aw, you're really sweet, I love reading your blog, it's so different from all the others.
    I'm sure you're going to reach your goals!
    And I think you guy is gorgeous.

  3. Reading your post has really put me on a hight! As you may know I have re-started the ABC today.

    I hope we both can keep each other going :)
    I'm happy to see you are looking up, we are both going to meet our goals. x

  4. YAY! I'm glad you're happyyy(: and I'm happy too! It's like a super duper amazing happy day!!

    annd you. will. do. amazing! with your ABC, I just know it(:


  5. wow its so great to hear your in a good mood. i think that as long as you stay positive youll do great on the abc.and i love the idea of the rain washing away all of the past slip ups...
    im going to use that idea too and be a new me as well. thanks for the inspiration!

    stay strong

    p.s. thats one hott hunk of man you have there :)

  6. i've just started reading your blog - and i love it. thanks

  7. go for it babes, i'm sure you'll do great