Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Short Update

At 1:00 pm today, i began a fast, a fast which i will not break for at least 24 hours, although i aim for 48. Wish me luck. Pray that i don't fail as i did earlier today.


  1. you will do amazing love your blog by the way! Stay strong! thin(K) thiN!
    xoxo Lyndee

  2. All my love, hugs and luck to you! :)

    I was thinking of a fast, but I want to try and keep with the ABC so I keep on track...

    So wish us both luck. x

  3. I hope the fast is a massive success!!! I know how super strong you are, we all slip up from time to time, don't punish yourself for it too much. You're always gonna feel grotty on your period, so fasting is a good way to cleanse!

    p.s. I loved your comment "Men are so confusing, aren't they? But you'll have him so stunned by your beauty that he won't be able to be confusing!"

    Exactly what I intend :)

    Ophelia xx

  4. good luck! i know youll do great, i can only get through 24 hours before i start throwing up from hunger, yeah its a weird side effect that my body has to not eating lol. eeh it helps lose weight even if it is gross...
    stay strong


  5. I'm doing it with you!!!!!! Only I have to start right now :)

  6. Goodluck!! You will feel awesoem after your fast =) And yes you should totally keep your food diary on this blog

  7. Good luck on your fast girl! I'll join you, starting 12am tonight and going at least until Friday morning. I'm home alone tomorrow with tons of temptations...a fast is the only thing to keep me in check ;)

    You're gonna do great!


  8. I wish you luck...and I'll join you! I don't want to eat any thing until Saturday if I can help it.

    Stay strong.

  9. I wish you luck hun, Hope you've got more self control then me. I always say im going to fast and than along comes some disgustingly delecious food i cant pass up and poof! Its over and all im left with is an intense sense of failure and guilt, left looking for the nearest toilet to throw my guts up.

    Anyway... just wanted to drop by and say thanks for commenting my blog and say good luck Xx

  10. Good luck!! I know you can do it :)

  11. You will not fail! I know you can do it! :D

  12. Good luck! I'm sure you can du it:)

  13. GOOOOODLUCK!!! i know for sure you can do it. infact, i predict that you will do it, i have faith in you, make me proud!!!!! :P xx xx

  14. Good luck!! :]
    Stay strong
    Think thin