Saturday, January 16, 2010


I'm useless; i'm pathetic; i'm a complete and total failure at every-fucking-thing. I'm sure there has to be a bright side to today, but i don't care; i don't want to see it. just let me wallow in my self-hatred and wish i was slowly killing myself with starvation while i know i'll never be strong enough. I hate food; i hate me; i hate life.
I'm gonna go try to sleep this off and start over again tomorrow... Oh, i'm such a failure.


  1. Aww hun failures a good thing. It means you actually tried which is alot better than some people. Keep trying and you will do great :). xx

  2. awe sweetie no ur not. u look amazing, honestly!

  3. Hun we all have bad days! Don't worry when shit sucks it HAS to get better. "Hold our head up high things will get better, it may look stormy now, but it can't rain forever." Think Thin xx

  4. hey
    i hope you got a good sleep and you are now feeling better. Tomorrow will be better.
    I have fail for so long i am just gained and gained weight but i still hope in all my heart that tomorrow will be better and tomorrow i will loose it again.
    you just cant stop trying. if you stop there will be nothing.
    I know you can do well. you have my full suport.
    Lots of hugs-
    i hope it helpd i am not really god at comforting people i have no idea what to say.


  5. a failure is who does not try
    keep going you will make it

  6. Sorry sweet, I hope you wake to a better day! I know how you feel, I think we all do, so you know you have many of us you can turn to that do understand. xxx

  7. Watch some Dawson's Creek. I'm re-evaluating it.

  8. Hun, u'll b fine... just the pressures of wud b borin if everythin went perfect and if ur anythin like me, faillure means wen u succeed u feel that sense of success coming back! anyways much luv, just goin to go purge the only thing I ate today which comes to about 400cals! Feel it cumin up my throat lol!! xx

  9. hey darling, you're not a failure!! don't say you are, you are a strong person, & u & i both know you are capable of reaching your goal. so dont let food tell you u need it,
    no,you need to tell yourself, you dont need it! i know as you write this blog, you have an image of what your ideal weight is, & all you need is a little faith hun. if you can see it, then you can have it!!!!

    umm, i found my new abc plan on some pro-ana website. you can use it if you want. you're restarting abc tomorrow? .. so am i?
    maybe we can support each other hun.
    Stay Strong!!!! xxx