Friday, January 8, 2010

Kill Me

OK, i'm sick of binging. I'm sick of failing. I'm sick of being this stupid, fat, disgusting version of me. It's either lose this weight or buy a fucking knife and cut it off. Seriously, next time i binge, i'm getting hold of a knife.


  1. Don't do anything! I know how you feel with the feeling of wanting to cut the fat off, I think like that everyday. But don't, please don't do anything to hurt yourself like that.

    Remember you can start over again and remember I'm here any time you call. Go to my contact page on my blog and you will find my email address, email me if you like? x

    We can do this together, so you are not alone, my love is with you, so don't give up and no holding any knife please don't! x

  2. No love dnt! trust me on this i have been there scares are forever emotionally and physically. I have binging to lately! we are strong! We can do this!

    If you want we could be ana buddies and text each other so that we can keep each other motivated and just have support! Im 17 by the way and its nice to have someone who understands what im going through! i love your blog by the way!

    If you want an ANa buddy my email is! We will be beautiful and strong! Perfect!

    stAy stroNg! thiN(K) thiN!
    xoxo Lyndee

  3. take a deep breath. your not a piece of seafood so please dont go all "fillet o' fish" on us.
    sry bad joke.
    you just need to make a new plan that you can follow. start at a reasonable amount of cals and work your way down over the next few weeks. maybe start at 1000 and take away 10 every day till your happy? just hang in there, we all need you on here.
    stay strong

  4. Aww, if you ever eat too much then up your exercise. Its been proven that no matter how little you eat, you will lose weight ALOT faster with exercise because otherwisee your body gets use to lower portions of food.
    Please dont buy a knife.

  5. Lets not get drastic. Trust me, though, I do know the feeling. Lol. This whole thing is frustrating as hell to me. But anyway, think positive, doll. <3