Sunday, September 6, 2009

Circus Clown... And A Fat One, At That...

Ok, so i've been Bingey McBadgirl once again today... I'll be back on track tomorrow, i swear! If i'm not, i'm gonna have to do something drastic.

I did write a poem today though... I know that doesn't make up for being a fat ass, but i hope you all like it anyway...

Take A Bow

I am the Circus Clown,
The entertainment for the night.
Laugh as I fall down;
Don’t bother asking; I’m alright.

The things I say are funny.
It’s all part of the show, you see.
Don’t worry; I’m ok.
Just you keep on smiling at me.

Smile and be jolly,
For all is going according to plan.
Clap as I bleed,
Remark, “She’s made a fool of herself again!”

That’s just fine.
That’s why I was put here, I suppose,
To make you all laugh with my stupidity.
That’s just the way it goes.

Tears come a-flowing,
And all my make-up smears.
I try to keep on smiling
As the whole crowd cheers.

I dance for just a little bit more,
And then I take my final bow.
At least my pain is hidden
As I listen to the people howl.

My pain is oh so funny.
It’s all a happy, childish rhyme.
Maybe soon you all will realize
I’m serious this time!


  1. I ove this poem and i love those pictures

  2. lovely touching...
    You are soooooo talented! :)

    Nice pix...

  3. wow.. I have a really bad phobia of clowns and normally i'd have shut down my lappy at the sight of photo's but these ones are beautiful.Your incredibly lucky to be so pretty :). Good luck for tomorrow! :)

  4. thats such a good poem, i wish i could write such beauty! and the makeup is so good!

    dont worry, if you say youll be on track tomorrow youll GET back on track :)
    and out of curiousity when you say youd do something drastic what would that be?

  5. hey, that poem was lovely!
    you're so talented
    :) much love.x

  6. That's a great poem!
    well done!

    Ah, I'm sure you'll get back in the skinny track :)
    I'm rootin' for ya!

    Gorgeous pics, btw.