Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Skinny Girls Don't Cry, They Binge

Yup... That's me. All i do is fucking binge my ass off--rather binge my ass ON!

Why do i feel the compulsion
To eat every food in sight?
It's certainly not normal,
And it can not be right.

I've got to snap out of it,
But i'm not quite sure how.
I've got to get out of this rut,
And stop eating like a cow.

I'm gonna have to starve.
I'm gonna have to cut.
I've got to do something;
I just don't know what...


  1. Ugh I'm so sorry to hear this! I do not understand why we can shove and shove food into our mouths no matter what, I agree this cannot be normal:(

    You can stop though, just stay strong, try to distract yourself any time you feel like you're going to binge, do anything other than eat, I know you can do it!

  2. Perhaps you should try be less extreme... your body obviously needs nutrients and is craving stuff coza a lack of it so it makes you wana eat heaps... perhaps try a low cal, well balanced and non-depriving diet for a little while and work back slowly?

  3. oh gosh...
    i hate those days...
    but i have this list that i made of all the things to do before i just totally lose it...and it really helps i think :)
    and i just avoid the kitchen at all costs.... out of sight, out of mind! well...probably not, but i couldn't hurt haha

  4. It'll be alright :)
    It's just a phase. We all get like that sometimes.


  5. Thank you for your comment
    so what concerts have you been to ?
    it really sucks cause i live in Holland and not much bands that i like come here so often
    so i have to take every chance, it could be another 2 years before they come back

    and btw great pictures :)

    Love, Serena

  6. stop putting the food in your mouth. that will stop the binges

    i'm sorry hun. i bet things will get better when you are ungrounded. try and keep your chin up

  7. Hey, gorgeous girl!! I was reading your last few blog entries and I was thinking that life is filled with this cycles, right? Maybe you can't stop binging because you are in one now... But, cheer up! Most of the times this cycles can be broken down... You just need to work really hard with (or against) your mind... I'm not saying it's going to be easy... But I know (and I think all the guys and girls who follow your blog) you can do it. Just because it is obvious that this is the lifestyle you want to be living...
    Anyway... Hope you are more than OK!! Keep writing!! You are amazing!!!!! =)
    Hugs and kisses from a non-Ana girl who just loves to read you!!!

  8. Definately pick up that book "Crave" I mentioned. It's all about arming yourself with tools to fight against bingeing. It's got a great attitude and the right look on eating disorders.

  9. You and me, not binging pact. Up for it?
    Might help if we know we have to answer to someone other than our headsfor doing it! xx

  10. Great reverse thinspo. Looking at that makes eating seem disgusting. Why don't you go back to basics? Thinspo on youtube is how we all started. Failing doesn't make you a failure. You can do it :)

  11. you have a picture of my skinny stomach on your blog :-/