Sunday, September 6, 2009

I was looking at thinspo pictures when i came across this one. I thought it was very beautiful and completely unique.

I was instantly in love with it and inspired by it.... so here's what happened:

Perhaps i got a bit camera happy? Oh well. I had fun with it. Lol.

Much love to all of you all! Think thin. xoxoxo


  1. Curse you for being so pretty! You have such nice eyes.
    And it's a good look, you should use one of them as your main profile picture!
    Thanks for your support on my last post - we shall do it! I have started anew today and thus far I am doing good. The evening remains to be seen, as it is only 7.30... xxx

  2. haha fun!! we have the same haircut lol, but urs looks better xD

  3. You're so beautiful. <3
    You can make it through the day! Be strong, lovely!

  4. I agree, that is a very stunning picture, and I also agree with Hanz, you're very beautiful and your eyes are amazing.

    Keep it up


  5. You have a beautiful eyes, I like it

  6. That's so creative and symbolic. And you look beautiful, girl. : )

  7. you're amazingggg.
    your writing
    your beauty
    your creativity
    just, amazing my dear :)

  8. I love your posts! You are SOO pretty!! Ugh!! Will you check out my blog! I need help! Haha :)