Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Plan

"Good morning, sunshine," Ana's voice whispered in my ear.
I groaned and opened one eye. There she stood by my bed, in all her beautiful thin perfection, waving a pink notebook under my nose. "What's that?" i asked sleepily.
"Your new eating plan. I was up all night working on it," she said proudly.
"Something else for me to fail at, huh?" i muttered and sat up. (I was by no means a morning person.)
"Tsk tsk," Ana said. "You'll be able to stick to this one; i've customized it just for you. And," she paused dramatically, "there's rewards every week you do something right."
I sighed, grabbed my glasses from the stand by my bed and took the notebook Ana offered me.


  1. notebooks really help. i should start using mine again

  2. Started my notebook again, they really do help!